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You could have three. Please have three. Nfc three free up some of this. What if this is kind of like you know they used to have the I'm sorry i might. My stammers talking to win. So do that to me. I'm sorry i'm your mind daddy present in the moment. I'm mom in composed but very excited to see my cuts within. Nfc thing dingus chip. But it's called because what if what if this is like monopoly game thing secret monopoly. Got yes okay. This could be your park place you don't know until you scratch it Never quick okay. Let me you know what i didn't look. I'm pretty sure let's see what else here. okay. I have in my hand a bag. So you you mentioning the the vendor. Who brought this to me. Mixing wonder if it's on other things and if it is it's on the curb i don't know i don't know i don't know when i worked at mcdonalds hundred and eighty five The crew as we call it of the store as we call it We're we're permitted to drink all the coke you want more or less within reason as long as you use your own cup but it's the cup basically. You're selling a cup. Cup is the most expensive part of i. Guess people know this. But i thought it was the top. I did not know that. Think you think you well. Yeah but it's important for a couple of reasons because it's always a couple of things with mcdonalds one is that the cups are costly but second and arguably as importantly it's how they figure out how many cokes they sold. Oh so yeah. One unit of coca cola equals equals one cup. Oh my goodness now. Sort of throw bananas. Easter your bananas a way to make extra money. Always money in the banana. Stan did the was it. The mcdonald's corporation proper that called you the crew was it like the chick fillet family or is that just a your branch. I think it's an industry thing. We're a franchise mcdonald's which wasn't a very good mcdonald's but they still had to. You know within reason you know hugh to the rules. You're supposed to like when you made a quarter pounder with cheese You get to pickles. And it's critical that the pickles not touch according to i mean this is one of the many things like you can't have like mustard scored the side and you need to make something. That could be a photograph but franchise in my experience gets pretty lax about those rules. I mean that's her. Long standing challenge is to one day when quote back to normal visit hamburger university to discover this grits. And you know they. They've got style guides. Which do you find genuinely interesting. They might give you a chip or something another chip. You know like like an escape from new york explosion capsule and if you tell the secret blows up or like a or like a Like a Like battle royale caller. Something where they you go to the university and then you like you know graduate with a degree in keeping secrets much like the catholic church did doug. He's going to get more here. Well i'm keeps trying to suggest to me a large regular coke. No no no. I want i want a diet and this is not i am not regular coke shaming a regular irregular assize. Yes and classic is coq au this application this event. F c t. I'm doing are you bring your eats right now. Yes you postmates here postmates person. I am usually actually a grub person because it's based on end. It's you so the and also i'm spoiled in in no the big tech boys who are leg. Here's the coupon code although the cool can't put prop twenty two here fuck you grupp up. Well there app sucks the least in my opinion and who's the one. Oh god actually gets. Grubhub was equivalent with the fucked up the way do tips now. All of Well they were the first olive. Oh my god that's so gross. Because i'm a twenty percent man. I mean unless we're talking about hundreds of dollars or something generally a twenty percent by saying that's macbook pro. Oh you can't tip there. You're missing my point is if we get something and i know this one hundred hundreds of dollars worth of mcdonald's because i have done that that's how i get my nfc tags alexandra's but here here's the polling. Is that okay. So for example. I it's been frustrating to me for a long time. I know imagine must be frustrating to this folks is that not all orders are created equal dollars are meaningful to a point. But if you think about it like you know. There's a reason those vending machines in airports brilliantly are selling like you know apple headphones and stuff. They're selling very very high at the term in retail but it's like dollars per square Intricate begins rate. So like if you have if you have a retail place your goal is to increase the basically how much money you make per. I'm gonna say per square foot of your place although cubic more sites But like so. The thing is in grocery stores like frozen peas. That's there's not a lot of dough in that the others don't sign a gift card. Each one of those gift cards is really tiny and does it doesn't take up much space and that could be worth hundred dollars and i guess you know how you see my point right like that stuff you see on end cap tends to be. I think it used to be stuff that they have too much of today. Stuff on an end cap is something they were compensated. Have on an end cap or in the case of something like gift cards. It's how you make the real dough so it's frustrating to me because like our yes. Sometimes we get cat litter and like twenty dollars worth of litter is a lot heavier than twenty dollars worth of gift card or whatever you know what i mean. I wish there was a way to do some. Although that combines how difficult it is to get these items did you have to talk to anybody like at a counter and wait for something to get my turkey. Exactly right or right did you did you were there. Did it take a lot of time. Because there are lots of replacements. You had talked to somebody to have more of these in the back things these folks have to do. You know how many items how heavy are the items right. How etcetera etcetera just making it about dollars is kind of crazy i yes but capitalism you buy if you buy like a bunch of beer or some trying to think of a good example but you know if you do a costco if you do a costco for example and let me get a rigorous while buying just the rib roast is way more than enough money to the thirty five dollars to get a delivery but it does seem a little unfair to me in the senate not unfair to me but you know what i mean like if if we spent eighty on one piece of meat or whatever like it seems a little bit nuts to give that person you know twenty bucks and same person would get twenty bucks for like bring me like a million pokemon some. If if there's got to be way to figure it out well if you find out of if that person exists. I want to know but not only that. I also wish that you could tip. Like there's i. I wish we could the amazon people.

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