Jamie Foxx, Bush, Qian Inc discussed on Coast To Coast AM with George Noory


Getting a little little baby robots running around them dynamics nuts too much for for some consular james truck driving in taxes go ahead james yeah house common because i'm me to be in the top edge out often about all right up to my mind about the three movie and a intelligent one on the head jamie box unit were were was in uh in the military at our i aircraft bad light me in a row in the know another movie try aminata whoa whoa bites were billenness house why row human indian you gotta remember i robot with real men are great movie in the jamie foxx one was called stealth lighttank without but i couldn't remember the name of it but they has been one movie bush shown us what could happen if i heard your your uh the talk about star wars newest haga matt out out communication divide um and we got those now so movie given a in fact and what qian inc well you you bring up something interesting james hot of the movies get ahead with this technology who's feeding them more it always actually sort of sort of the opposite uh i i think because if you talk to the people who uh who have written some of these uh and who we did the original treatment of scripture such you won't find again and again that they uh move our our our our thinking about what they would like to have it in in in in the real world and then you go to the table that built the system they they say oh yes ever since i was a kid i wanted to build a robot that could do this or or a thinking machine they could do this because i thought this right pike dick tracy with his talking watch were you talk out in stuff did you remember.

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