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On Wednesday April thirtieth will clooney held a press conference in downtown Boston. He announced that the Board of governors had voted unanimously to strip rosie. Ruiz of her Boston Marathon win. He stated that the evidence showed beyond a reasonable doubt. That Ruis did not run the entire race. Seated to Kony's right was a jet-lagged Jacqueline Gero. Who had yet again made the trip to Boston this time. She was finally given what she earned nine days before the title of Boston. Marathon Champion cloney placed the Laurel Wreath on Garros. Head has members of the press clapped. Garros smiled and gave a half-hearted fist pump to celebrate her late victory back in New York Rosie. Ruiz delivered downtrodden statement to reporters once again weekly claiming that she'd been wrongly disqualified and that one day she would prove it with the investigation over and the scandal winding down will clooney traveled to New York to meet with res a third and final time. At her apartment she continued arguing that she'd run the race but clooney stopped her. She'd already been disqualified. There was no more need for release to defend herself. He was there to simply offer an olive branch. He invited her to run the Boston. Marathon again. In nineteen eighty-one maybe in a year. She could prove that she really was the elite runners she claimed to be Coney. Did ask for one thing. He wanted Ruiz's metal back to awarded to the winner. A devastated Ruis refused. She repeated that she'd run the race and earn that medal. Clooney was shocked. Despite all that had been revealed Ruiz truly believed it was rightfully hers. Not wanting to force more conflict. Colonie let her keep it. Ruis returned to work later that week hoping that the controversy was over and she could move on with their life instead. Her boss called her into his office. He felt betrayed. It supported res paid for her trip to Boston and even defended her to the press now. She proven herself a liar or those reasons. Ruis was fired in less than two weeks of misfortune. Rosie ries had lost everything. Her Marathon win her job and reputation wherever she went in New York City. She was reminded of her own failures almost instantly joke t shirts for the Rosie. Ruiz Fan club decorated with subway. Tokens became popular in New York and Boston. Her name became synonymous with cheating to pull a rosy ruis entered the cultural lexicon. Ruiz tried to ignore it as best she could and pull her life back together. She got a job as a bookkeeper at Richard Stevens. Inc a Manhattan based real estate firm and stayed out of the public eye in the winter of nineteen eighty eight months after her disqualification. Steve Merrick visited release to catch up and checking on her. Their conversation drifted to the events of the Boston. Marathon merrick remarked flat out that for we's clearly didn't run the much to his surprise. She didn't defend herself instead. She simply replied that. She didn't need to tell Merrick the truth because he already knew. According to Merrick. Ruis told him that she never intended to win the marathon. She'd only wanted to finish with a good enough time to impress her boss. And Co workers back in New York. She simply failed to notice that the first woman hadn't crossed the finish line yet and jumped into the race too early a year later the nineteen eighty one Boston. Marathon was held without incident and Rosie. Ruiz was nowhere to be seen. She didn't take Wilk Loney up on his offer to run again. In fact Ruis never again competed in an organized race. Her career as a long distance runner was behind her her career as a liar however was far from over as released. Got Her life back on track. She still felt the inexorable poll towards ethically problematic behavior some reporters viewed reasons behavior as sociopathic. She didn't follow the rules because she didn't really see them through. Some combination of intelligence charisma and ambition. Res Always felt like she could get away with anything. Her new job offer new opportunities to take advantage of Rosie releases responsibilities as a bookkeeper for a real estate firm included personally dealing with the company's finances cashing checks and depositing funds tens of thousands of dollars pass through her hands every week. It wasn't long before she started skimming off the top. At first she took small amounts from the cash. She was given to deposit at the bank. Eventually she stopped bothering to go to the bank. Keeping everything for herself Ruiz's crimes escalated. It wasn't enough to steal cash from the company she started forging checks to supplement. Her own salary or bosses at the firm didn't seem to notice that any money was missing. Sir We's continued stealing more and more. It was as if she didn't see it as a crime like the Boston Marathon. It appeared that she saw it as taking a little shortcut to get what she deserved and like the marathon. She could have gotten away with him if she hadn't gone a little too far with our added income or we lived luxuriously. She rented an expensive apartment. In Greenwich Village in Manhattan. Two cabs to work instead of the subway and went skiing every weekend. She took as many sick days as possible. Some weeks barely showing up to the office. Her coworkers were astonished by her lifestyle. They couldn't figure out how she managed it on her meagre salary eventually. Her bosses wondered the same thing. They took a closer look at the worksheet. Done over the past couple of months and were shocked to discover the truth. They realized that Ruiz had stolen more than fifteen thousand dollars in cash and forged over forty five thousand dollars worth of checks on April fifth. One thousand nine hundred eighty two. They alerted the police who opened a criminal investigation into Ruis two weeks later on April nineteenth two plainclothes detectives knocked on Rosie releases apartment door when she answered the door. Detectives Copter informed her that she was being arrested for. Grand Larceny and forgery. Release put on a pair of large sunglasses as she was taken to the police precinct to be booked and charged as the detectives walked her to the precinct. Doors reporters pushed microphones toward her shouted questions or we kept her head down and said nothing. Her assets were seized. Her bank accounts frozen without any money to bail herself out. Ruiz sat in jail for a week while she awaited a resolution to her case. The evidence supplied by her bosses. At the real estate firm was undeniable. Ruis had no choice but to accept a plea deal. She pleaded guilty to the charges and received a sentence of time served plus five years probation after receiving her sentence. Ruiz's came to the realization that she couldn't start over yet again in New York City. She had burned too many bridges and couldn't take the media attention that's still surrounded her so she made two major life decisions in one thousand nine hundred eighty three i. She would never talk about the Boston marathon ever again second. She decided to return home to Miami Florida and live with her family. She moved down. South got her real estate agents license and always looking for a quick way to make an extra buck began selling cocaine or we got to know two other women who were also looking to earn some extra income together. The women formed a small-scale cocaine dealing Operation Ruis acted as middleman in broker. Taking the cocaine from the supplier. While partners sold it to street level dealers in November of nineteen eighty three to four weeks as partners went to meet a buyer in the Marriott Hotel near the Miami International Airport. The plan was to sell about fifty two thousand dollars worth of cocaine. Ruiz's partners met the buyer at the airport and began negotiating. The buyer wanted more than just fifty two thousand dollars worth. Sir wheezes partner said they could get him as much as he wanted. They offered to sell them. Two kilograms of high-grade cocaine which had a street value of nearly half a million dollars. The buyer agreed. It was going to be a massive payday for a we's and her partners except it wasn't a drug deal at all it was a drug bust. The buyer was an undercover cop. Andrews's partners were immediately arrested and the police also put out an arrest warrant for Rosie Ruis when she heard that her partners were in custody and the police were now looking for her release. Had another important decision to make surrender and face criminal prosecution or run home. She could potentially escape back to Cuba where her estranged father still lived after a week of deliberation or we decided that she was done running. She turned herself in and was charged with cocaine trafficking. A federal judge deemed a flight risk and.

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