Dr Jekyll, JIM, CEO discussed on The /Filmcast - Ep. 422 The Mummy


That is just a little weird that they would put dr jekyll in charge of the produce jim bumbling not the the best strategy they're considering they has whoever made that organization be ab he created a look at it gives organization yeah okay fine but the maybe this is time to set aside and let another ceo in why tell me your head has given to fits of rage that whatever steps he is literally the embodiment of evil when he becomes mr hud ever better solutions to us stopping the whole highpaying like they have like a secret lehrer with all the technology it and he cancer square like a risk banned yeah the self visa self administer the medication really which we really it seems like he's very bad at because he he keeps flaring up so he's not controlling it in a good way i thought that whole role was just ridiculous i mean it the look of mr hyde i thought it was not in pre it was like russell crowe with more more vini russell crowe that's all i was it as jeter have this are now you're i was disappointed by that as well and and i thought well it's of interesting that they're having the actor do it instead of it being the cgi creature like he's literally putting on a different posture and a different accent eight like it's kind of old school in the sense of letting him act the the difference rather than them constructed in post and i can give them a little credit for that actually.

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