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As we do each week we look at. What's going on around the region in our arts feature. Get out there breaking news editor lori. Mccue and arts and culture reporter. Elliot williams joined me folks. There is a lot going on this summer. Venues are reopening events are back on at least for now including i hear some more outdoor theater than usual right elliott. That's right jonathan Lots of those productions out there are for kids about fifty minutes from dc and only maryland imagination stage is being on a production called paper dreams. It's a lively dance based piece about two friends who live inside a waste paper basket and get into all sorts of adventures. Very family friendly This show is free and runs weekend mornings from this saturday. Through august fifteenth another series of running through september tenth is called fairy tales in the sun by adventure theater and glen echo it features two one act plays by local playwrights lyra yang and michelle lynch both shows will be held outdoors and a large field right next to the theater so these are theaters. That are sort of expanding their offerings to the outdoors and we should mention that outdoor theatre might be something more folks are interested in this summer since as we know the pandemic certainly is not over yet that is certainly a good reminder to still stay. Vigilant okay laurie. What about outdoor music and other kinds of shows. Well one big annual event that i know a lot of families look forward to is opera in the outfield which is exactly what it sounds like the washington national opera every year they stream it production at nationals park and the event is totally free and this year they're doing rossini's cinderella which kids should enjoy. I hear that there's a bit of a twist on the original tale that we all know It will be an italian. It is an opera after all but it has english subtitles which is good news. This year show is on august. Twenty eighth for folks who are interested. Okay elliot what about some of the bigger venues out there. If you want to see some outdoor theater this summer i mean. Who's calendar. Should i keep an eye on is the biggest venue in the area. That's open for outdoor shows is of course wolf trap. National park is run by the national park service and i just learned. It's the only national park in the. Us specifically dedicated to the performing arts. The northern virginia venue is back open. And it's putting on opera ballet orchestra pop and rb performance in its lean center. It's this massive seven thousand seat amphitheater with a gorgeous backdrop of hiking trails in the woods and nature So it's kinda hard to avoid the performing arts when there's an awesome venue like that in the area opening up yet. I'm a northern virginia. Native wolf trap really is treasurer. Okay looking ahead more. Generally to the weekend. Laurie what you're gonna be doing. Well it is a day that ends in y which means that it's ice cream season for me and over at yards park in dc. A couple of really great ice cream spots are giving out free scoops this weekend. That's jenny's ice cream and ice cream. Jubilee that one is local to dc. All you have to do is take and post a photo of yourself with this big ice cream themed installation that the neighborhood is putting out over near those ice cream shops and the event is going on on saturday and sunday and you have to be one of the first one hundred people to post the photo each day which just means morning ice cream which sounds pretty great to me. All right elliot. How about you. I'm looking to get outside and stay outside. I'm headed out to the sandy spring museum in maryland every friday. The community focused museum hosts an outdoor beer and wine garden with live music tomorrow a folk and blues group. The bill bigger band will perform in my favorite local brewery. True respite will be providing the beer. Very cool all right elliot. Williams is our arts and culture reporter. Laurie mccue is our breaking news editor. You can find additional coverage of arts and culture on our website w. a. m. u. dot org and at s. dot com elliott and lori. Thank you thank you. Thanks folks thanks for joining us for consider this from npr. And w am you listen again next time and we'll make sense of the major stories happening in the washington region and elsewhere in your world. I'm rachel courteous. And jonathan wilson..

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