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Is under the floor looking up at her under the she could see him through the floorboards. And this man who was running that business was sex trafficking girls. So this has become her thing. She's trying to stop it. And what she told us on the air on Monday is that she went in was at sky harbor last Friday. She was coming home from a trip. She saw something that looked not right to her a woman a child a toddler, and she said, I. I think somebody's trying to traffic that child. She went. There's what she told us. She went and got the police they came over. And in fact, that was what was happening. We are. Now finding out from the Phoenix police. This is not what happened. We've got Cindy McCain's and the Phoenix police department so and these two are not congruent, they're not. So what the Phoenix pedia released a statement that said on January thirtieth which is different than February first. When Cindy McCain said, I was returning to Phoenix on a Friday January thirtieth this a Wednesday. She said it was a Friday two days later at approximately one twenty six PM Phoenix PD officers assigned to sky harbor conducted a check welfare on a child at the request of MRs Cindy McCain. So that did happen during the check welfare officers determined. There was no evidence of criminal conduct or child endangered. That is not what sending McCain told, correct. Let's play with Cindy, McCain told us just a few days ago with us here. KTAR MAC and Gaydos, take a listen, everyone can make a difference on this. Issue. Mccain institute dot org has a website dealing with Justice. How to recognize the signs of trafficking, and what to do about it? I stole the adage from homeland security if you see something say something and that very thing happened to me in Phoenix airport. Last Friday, I came in from a trip identifying I bought it. It looked I it was a woman of the different SSD than the child this little toddler. She had something didn't click with me. I you I tell people trust your gut. I went over to the police, and I told him what I thought that they went over and questioned by God, she was trapped you next year. A toddler. Yeah. Time. She was waiting for the guy who bought the child off an air. Wow. Yeah. You can't make a difference. Everyone can make a difference on this is going on not just in big venues, but he's in your own neighborhood. Okay. So that was our interview with Cindy McCain on Monday by God. She was trafficking that child is what Cindy McCain said. Yeah. And she also knew that there was a man waiting for the child at the airport. All right now. What again, let's repeat would Phoenix PD is saying is that on January thirtieth not a Friday, but a Wednesday. They did get a call for a check welfare on a child at the request of MRs Cindy McCain during the check welfare, according to Phoenix PD officers determined. There was no evidence of criminal conduct or child endangerment. Which begs the question, what is Cindy McCain talking about in her story? We've reached out to Sydney McCain. We'll see if we can get a statement or bring her on the air. All I can do is speculate. That's all we had somebody's wrong. Could the Phoenix police department? Get this wrong. Maybe did send him McCain. Get this wrong. Maybe here's the thing though. Cindy, McCain coming on a radio show and telling it on truth doesn't make any sense to me that doesn't make sense. No. I mean, you either see you either see a kid getting trafficked or you don't see a kid getting traffic. Now. She said I saw something that didn't look right to me. And I and I said something that ain't that is true. That is true that police did go over and look maybe again, maybe Cindy McCain left the airport thinking. I there was something wrong. And maybe she she thought the kid was getting trafficking. She assumed but let's pull back the curtain to let's pull back the curtain a little bit. Okay. Because we were in shock. We did not expect that story to come out. We had no prior knowledge. She no-one tipped us off that she was going to tell that story on the show at the show is we called her to talk about sex trafficking at the Super Bowl right at the end of the interview. She's the one that brought up the sky harbor store. Right. So at the end of the show. A couple people in the newsroom started to say. How did she know? There was a man waiting. How would she have known? What happened to the CIA? And I said great question. I don't know. We were we were a, unfortunately, we ran out of time. We had to go take a break. We couldn't continue the interview and she had to go. We couldn't keep her on a second segment. So we couldn't ask any follow up questions of. Because usually this is the way it goes down. You see something you say something you're then removed from the situation. You don't get to stick around. And it's not an episode cops. Okay. It's not it's not what is that live cops on TV whenever the new show is you don't get to see what happens and live PD and who gets arrested, and where you don't get to know any of this. She. No, there's no nice bow that you title up on correct? But she seemed to have the information. So that that that some doubt in people's minds of is where is the veracity in the store? Well, this local attention. Absolutely. This got national attention as it should. It were true got international attention. Right. So this story has been all over the world. They got that the person who has taken her life and dedicated it to Uman trafficking, actually, stop somebody from being traffic in an airport. Eight is the perfect story. It's a big deal. Did she get carried away? Or is she telling the truth, and that is a great. That is great question. I don't know. Well, again, this is why I say, it's a great story. If that somebody says, and I personally stopped a child a toddler from being trafficked, boy, doesn't that get you. Attention boy, doesn't that get you people to get to go to your website doesn't promote awareness. Doesn't it doesn't. That's not her. That's not what she would is totally grew in to Cindy McCain is so where's the truth? I don't know. That's the dumbfounded founding. Don't know we don't know you can go and check this story out of KTAR dot com. And we're just trying to figure out exactly what happened because when someone of the stature of sending McCain comes on your radio show to talk about sex trafficking. And then at the end of the interview says, I stopped someone at sky harbor that was sex trafficking or was at least trafficking. And you know, I can't I can't get the the verbiage out of my head by God. She was trafficking that child is what Cindy McCain set. Yeah. I mean, we're not sending became for a long time. When Cindy McCain says, something you take it is truth is no reason to lie. Oh, there's there's no reason to fabricate a story. No. When you have you and your husband have dedicated your life to service. I do I get it. It's not it's not like interviewing a politician, whether they'll they'll lie straight to your face an agenda, of course, they do. And sometimes they'll tell you the truth. But then other times they're gonna lie. I mean. Sending McCain does have a reason to lie Schnapp politicians, married, a politician. Correct issues with them for a long time. But he was a straight shooter latest sharing politician. I understand that. But still every politician doesn't tell the truth. She's not a politician. Correct. She is now in her. Life's work now is to stop children from from being traffic. And if she saw something at sky harbor, which she did. And the police say she did has an end to the story where the police say are into the story is different than Cindy McCain's. All right. I just got this in my ear. Phoenix police has just contacted us. Again, they are insisting it was January thirtieth Wednesday. Fair was not a Friday Phoenix police are saying that they got a call for a check welfare on a child at the request of MRs Cindy McCain during the check welfare officers determined. There was no evidence of criminal conduct or child. Endangerment. Did Cindy McCain fly out of sky harbor on Thursday return on Friday? And this this was something different. I don't think she got the date wrong or this or this happened on a different day. Don't know. But Phoenix PD just called KTAR newsroom back and they're adamant the call came in on a Wednesday. Cindy McCain is that a is that a big deal? Incongruence? I know, but she could have just said was last week. What was it Thursday? She could have been flying overseas. You could add jet lag. I don't know did it happen or not see. That's what I wanna know things. Don't add up like the day the situation. How does she have so many details, it just puts more shade on the story that I don't know what to believe now and it and it's? I I hate to say this. But if it were a female politician, she's not a politician. Correct. If we're a female politician, I would take it with a grain of salt and go, that's a politician. This isn't this is Cindy McCain. So I don't know what to believe listen, we're going to the news department. Your KTAR is on it. And we'll try and figure out what is what's going on? Because it's weird. I took it as it happened. And I left the show on Monday saying that it's unbelievable. And there's no there's no reason to doubt. No, there's no reason to doubt Cindy McCain. So we'll we'll try and figure it out. Absolutely. All right. We're we are actually in the middle. We're we're in a mess of the big four. We didn't take. This was big story one. We changed on the fly. All right. Well, we've got big story two three and four to go. We can tell you big story to we'll tell you why. There was no need for Trump to give the state of the state last night. All right back to the union. I should say. All right. Becky Lynn will get us up to date on Arizona's news station..

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