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More than fifteen minutes from the big stories on WCBS sit Thursday evening. I'm leave on Putney and three thanks to know here at ten fifteen one the Senate set to take a procedural vote at ten thirty in the morning on whether to advance break Cavanaugh supreme court nomination to a judicial committee vote on to a final Senate vote this weekend to break Cavanaugh Roden on op-ed piece in the Wall Street Journal today admitting he might have been too emotional in last week's committee hearing, but says he can be counted on to be an even keel judge yet retired supreme court Justice John Paul Stevens. Does not believe that. It's rare for retired justices speak on a pending nomination. But the ninety eight year old who was nominated by Republican presidential Ford tells the Palm Beach post cabinets performance in the hearing shows he lacks the temperament and three the new York Daily News is reporting one of the Manhattan cases against former movie producer, Harvey Weinstein. Maybe. Falling apart. It's two thousand and four. Lucia Evans was an aspiring actress when she met Harvey Weinstein at a nightclub Weinstein. Evans set up a meeting to talk about her career while in his Tribeca office. Evans says Weinstein forced her to perform a sex act on him. The movie producer was charged this year with a criminal sex account due to that allegation. But now the church could be dismissed as the daily news reports of personal log Evans kept herself as contradictory information from what she told investigators this comes as multiple reports say the conduct of the lead NYPD investigator in the Weinstein case is being reviewed by the NYPD in the Manhattan District attorney's office because he may have improperly coach Evans as a witness the DA's office declined to comment on those reports and the NYPD would not comment directly on the review of their lead investigator, but did comment on the overall strength of their case say the evidence shows the case against Weinstein is strong. If the charge from Evans's allegation is thrown out Weinstein still face. Charges from two other women, Mike melts WCBS NewsRadio. Eight eighty just after announcing a thirteen billion dollar plan to rebuild JFK airport. Governor Cuomo Thursday said a massive fix for New York City subways next. Governor Cuomo has apparently abandoned the idea that the state and city will go have Z's on paying for the rebuilding of New York City's sprawling subway system saying bluntly, that's not going to happen as he put it. There's only one way that that happens, and that's congestion pricing. Everything else is political blogger and the governor went out of his way to ridicule a de Blasio idea. Well, ideally, we would like to have a millionaires tax. Yes. I wish I could be a an elected official who lived in the ideal. Unfortunately, I'm an executive. So I actually have to get things done as the governor. Put it the only realistic option is congestion pricing. We have to get it done. And we have to get it. Done next year at the association for a better, New York, rich lamb WCBS, NewsRadio eight eighty. CBS news.

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