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I know David you listen to everything going on in here between you newscasts and then to make sure you didn't miss anything you record it. And and listen, again, don't you everyday everyday? I've got so much extra time. You're absolutely. So you know, we had this lady Kelsey bourgeois. An advocate with advocacy communications coordinator care to is the organization, and they're trying to get Mike the tiger Mike seven released a new a a game preserve or something not one where they hunt, but just where he can roam free. What are they doing around meddling in our business? What are they doing? What do they do? I've gotten about five hundred texts literally I found four that. I could read that didn't. That didn't contain any foul language. Yeah. That's kind of one of those. Yep. I'm a radiation. Oncologist says this one at Mary bird Perkins with the last Mike was treated with radiation therapy for his cancer, and I can say that he was one of the nicest ever cared for animals in the world. Well, habitat staff and vet programs at monitored groom entertained and take care of him. Somebody said, you know, what monarchs smear gravy all over the opposing fans and let the tiger out. And then there's this one I wish they would cage. I wish they would cage that baby Cox, babies mascot. Are we taking a break? You're talking to Michael here. Thank you, very eight forty three. Then I know a.

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