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NTSB is going to begin removing the wreckage from the top of midtown building today after this week's deadly helicopter crash. Investigators say the pilot Tim McCormack should not have been flying and Monday's bad weather all the NTSB investigates, the crash the FAA says fifty eight year old Tim McCormick hadn't received proper training, an instrument flight rules and other words when the weather's bad enough, and you need to use a quick in place of your eyes McCormack took off from the east side heliport around one thirty on Monday afternoon during heavy rain and thick fog visibility at the time was under one and a half miles. There's reports that McCormick radio back to the ground that he was lost about five minutes before crashing onto the roof of a seventh avenue. Skyscraper he died, but no one else was hurt. I'm James flippin. W O, R news is called the pink tax. And now there's a measure in Albany to prevent companies from charging women more than men for things like razors and shampoo. Women in the. City say they've always wondered how companies get away with it. A can of shaving cream for men dour fifty nine the exact same can dressed up to attract female customers can cost a buck more. I don't think anyone would find it there. If you went into a restaurant and a woman pay three or four dollars more per outs of steak. Simply women newly Rosen says that price differential is a form of discrimination. Her Bill calls for finding companies taking part in what some women call a pink tax on females. No-one Laden, w o war news. Still no sign of missing Connecticut. Mother Jennifer Boulos nearly three weeks after she went missing. Her estranged husband fatigues dulas has now out on bail despite the prosecutor saying his DNA was found mixed with her blood at her home defense attorney norm. Patas telling good Morning America.

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