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Three forty eight years New Jersey fast track full of areas of the terrible you want to avoid this afternoon at least for now this reporter sponsored by staples is still a really bad back up going south from before exit nine down towards close today a day this is the remnants of truck accident for truck for a ball one of them went up off the roadway down in the bank but apparently and with the debris still too so they managed to move all of that activity off to the shoulder but traffic is still very busy really not having a north at a fact in that area but farther up the line you've got the north and delays from before the gobbles bridge heading up towards the area between thirteen and fourteen there is a fully engulfed tractor trailer fire on the shoulder but the fire crews of the right and center lanes closed on the truck planes sap and catch delays to coming down from the Newark extension and write down past the work liberty airports a lot of action on the turnpike parkway started to build up north one forty three and one forty five to eighty seven and pockets through because got away in over to four forty rude not to lake when you've got delays and seventy west and they could also slow coming up towards New Hampshire Avenue watch for slow traffic seventy three north in Marlton their Greentree road utility repairs in the right lane not bad across the Delaware that's in the still of thirty minute delays in and out of Penn station on NJ transit trains at staples as a whole lot more in store like a huge selection of ink and toner in stock at a low prices everyday stock up for the new year at staples traffic every fifteen minutes next reported four oh three I'm John rivers on New Jersey one a one point five what a one point five instant whether that late January sunshine doing its best today we are dry unseasonably cool with high.

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