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Desk that is pictured on michaelsavage dot com right now where you could see my black hat so mel appropriately placed on this historic piece of furniture but not knowing protocol having grown up in the bronx i threw my hat on the desk i say what's happening man how you doing but if you think about it i mean i put my head on the desk shouldn't have it should have been taken taken from me by an aide the button should have impressed and the hatchet have been taken instead of a diet coke or an atomic bomb going off the hatchet up and take but no one told me don't put your head on the desk but when i realized obama put his feet on the desk figured what's with the hat you can put your feet why not put a hat on it in january of seventy seven president jimmy carter requested at this historic desk be returned to the white house for the oval office in eightyone ronald reagan chose to use this desk in the oval office president george bush used it in the same office in eighty nine in one thousand nine hundred three the resolute desk was returned to the oval office for use by president clinton and president bush after him then president obama and now by president donald trump and i had the honour of sitting there and putting my hat on the desk by accident i just thought you'd want to know the history of it now having said that i want to talk about a number of other topics that may or may not be related to this particular subject of world powers remember now donald trump is the most powerful man in the world it doesn't matter whether you like him it doesn't matter whether you voted for him it doesn't matter what you've heard about them it doesn't matter what you've not heard about him he is the most powerful man in the world join the savage nation call now eight five five four hundred savage eight five five.

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