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That drug would reduce or potentially eliminate criminal penalties for possession pot is currently classified as a schedule 1 drug alongside heroin and LSD there's been mixed reaction to the change in Congress the book was adapted into a film by the screenwriter of the notebook now the bridges have Madison County is hitting signature theater in Virginia there are people coming to see our show who have very high expectations and we don't Mark Evans plays the Clint Eastwood role of traveling photographer Robert Kincaid while Aaron Davey plays the Meryl Streep role of housewife Francesca these beautiful orchestrations supporting the most profound bricks by Jason Robert Brown he is the modern -day Stephen Sondland it's one of the greatest scores in the last decade the show the show runs now through September 17th at Signature Theatre Jason Braley WTOP is speculation very that the Washington commanders may consider a full rebrand under their new ownership but on X formerly known as Twitter NBC Sports Washington reporter JP team Finley president posted Jason Wright is saying the team will not consider reverting back to its former traversial name in 2020 ex owner Dan Snyder changed the name to the Washington football team after public pressure before adopting the commander's nickname in 2022 a petition on change dot org calling for the team to bring back the old name has nearly 130 signatures sports at 25 and 55 powered by Red River decisions aren't black and white think red 1025 Dave Preston is here yeah I was leaving the door open I know you had something to say I have they taken into

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