Mister Peterson, China, Biden discussed on Mark Levin


We have these government contractors working for the feds Who are moving illegal aliens throughout the country including young males who do not have families with them In some of whom have criminal records and some of whom they have no idea what kind of records they have We're paying for them We're paying for their transportation Some of them are being flown to locations Some of them are being bust a location Some of them are being both And apparently in many cases they get to choose where they want to go I am virtually speechless about what's taking place in this country And so we have these government contracts They're at the Westchester airport I remember when I was a young guy Westchester New York was a rock rid Republican area Wasn't it Not any more Said Democrat era And as the former executive there Robert astorino's told us it was targeted was targeted by the bureaucrats the zoning issue about destroying the suburbs really started in Westchester Used as a Guinea pig and all these other things And now the course they're dropping off illegal aliens into Westchester They're doing this all over the country

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