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Home thom hartmann program samesex filling in and let me just say i've had a great time being able to talk to you all today i hope you all have had as much on as i've had and i'm actually going to here tomorrow to go we've got to look forward to our let's get to the calls again we've got five more minutes here patti calling from fort lauderdale florida hey patty i have a question i'm not sure how it could be answered that buying wet mechanism could we get back on our infrastructure our our internet larry source national park the fracking there are four when we have private investors and foreign investors buying a lot burton happening them auctioned off basically in fact if the revolution network ten ceramic coating coal if we end up turning nissan for private companies how do we can't how do we get our forests on their clearcut we don't that's the problem that's the scary thing what do we do about it all we have to start pressuring lawmakers to pass more legislation to protect our comments give us more control over our comments i mean your way net neutrality does that when it comes to the internet at least ensuring that private companies can't screw up the commons though that we consider the internet as it is another and this one is a pretty far out there idea but you hear a lot of calls for a new constitutional convention of some sort or adding amendments knowing amendment to the constitution that gives personal to the environment and nature that gives rights to bodies of water and forests and once you can do that you can prevent companies from ruining those environments if they have rights just like those companies have just like we have and they should they should be preserved for future generations and you saw the bundy ranch people flip out about and you see the militia movement flip out about government owning too much public land around the country well if the government.

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