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So if you're fan of Latino rebels radio, you know that the Latino media collective which is radio program out of DC fills in for US sometimes. So I've gotten to know Oscar Fernandez. Who is of the Latino media collective very well the last couple of years he's a great guy. Basin the DMV. and. The last time I talked to him about a month ago. I found out that his dad had passed away to covid. When I found out I I wanted to connect with. Oscar about it. To See if he would be willing to talk about it. And he said he would. And we connected over the weekend. So. Here's what we talked about on Latino rebels radio over the weekend. With Oscar Fernandez of the Latino media. Collective. Oscar. Fernandez. Welcome back to Latino rebels radio. What's up brother? I'm doing good I'm doing good life is beautiful. My Mom's birthday was quite recently. So I have to say plan your mom while she's listening to this I, wanted to bring you on because. I. I was struggling and we we we stay in touch but then you told me the news of your father and it really crushed me as a friend someone because you've you've given a lot to yourself, you project what you do but also you're part of the family I mean, you are our guest co host when I decided to take breaker to how are you feeling tell me a little bit about what happened first let's start there. Sure first of all, thank you very much for inviting me to discuss this haven't discussed this in public manner like this. and. So just to give you the basics on May Twenty First, my dad had a stroke. And so he was hospitalized and during his hospitalization desks when they discovered that he had tested positive for the coronavirus. Now, knee him but five other members of my Dad's side family. Tested positive as well, and they all have very close in a suburb in DC called Wheaton Maryland. And so. Obviously I was keeping track and keeping inform with the hospital above my desk condition. Obviously, I can go there to physically see him because of the circumstances. But yet at the time when she told me that he had positive, he was not. On a ventilator. And for three or four days after the twenty first, that was keeping in contact with the hospital. And I'll tell you that every as recently as Monday. The week that he passed away as recently as Monday that which the social worker at the hospital that actually called me. To discuss plans about him having physical therapy with regards to stroke because they felt like his condition at improved. Well enough that the plan you know some form of physical therapy because he had lost all. Movement in in his right side of his body because of stroke. Unfortunately about four days later on the twenty eighth like at. One thirty in the morning I get that phone call and said phone call that we all. Dread. In. Our. Lives. In the middle of the night from the hospital, and they basically told me that during the course of that evening that his his His heart stopped three times. And they had to resuscitate him use a defibrillator. And at that point he. was back on the ventilator and so this is. You know. Primarily because of defects, the effects of the of the virus that has conditioned completing took a one eighty. Overnight. and. So the hospital called me and said, you know in no uncertain terms that she should come to the hospital to see him because he was in a condition where. He. Could basically go at any moment. And so. You know again it's hard to go to hospital right now to visit anyone because. Everyone's covered from head to tell you know nurses doctors everyone especially in the ICU. But nonetheless, they allow me to go into the ICU to see him. And to say, you know basically my final goodbyes to him because that's the condition where he was at at that moment in time. And Yeah all the twenty eighth at like around four thirty when he passed away. And I was there biocide when his heart stopped? Well. Thank you for sharing. Tell me about your your your dad, your e whole I mean, I say, behold for my dad. What kind of soul was he for you? He was very hard working guy again A Guy. A few words I would say which is quite ironic because i. Obviously talk a lot considering the work I do on the radio review he came to the US from Salvador and seventy six he first made his way to California. Then actually drove from San Francisco to Washington DC where me and the rest of my family lives. and. So this is the type of journey that a lot of Salvadoran. Immigrants took during this period of time he came to the US with best. An eighth grade education. But he was an amazing auto mechanic that was the majority of his work here in the US was that of an auto mechanic And I could see that you know he pretty much in every autoshop they worked at during his lifetime he was You. Know. Mr Mr Reliable Mr Dependable You know if you go to any auto body shop. You know there's always you know. Forms of AFC certificates and diplomas. On mechanics have to show you know to the public. To to show people, you know their credentials as far as you know, they're working in auto repair most guys had like five or six degrees on the wall. My Dad, would have his own section of the wall altogether with seventeen to eighteen degrees. And that just spoke soon how much how hard he worked? and. How committed he was to his his type of job and how he was pretty much Mr reliable Mister Kimble. In, every autoshop worked at and I would have to say that you know in hindsight's con reflecting over my dad's. Life and career in the country that a lot of that he passed down to me whether directly or indirectly. so He sure he was very hardworking. and. You know considering where his liberal education was when he came to us and to where his career took him, it's quite impressive when I look back on it Oscar I forgot to ask Your Dad's name and and also how has your family? Been Grieving your loss still my dad's name is Danilo Bond Mortar Fernandez. So he's originally from Salvador. Born in fifty five. And actually what we're recording this in, July this month would have been his sixty fifth birthday. And so there's still a lot of reminders every now, and then about you know his passing I still faced with from.

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