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That into sealer territory. Those the tight end Mark Andrews, Jon Bostick on the tackle that'll be another ravens first down to the forty eight yard line of Pittsburgh. Back to back first downs for the Baltimore Ravens. This is something they need to do to get a little bit of a drive or they've been three and out or short drives for for a while. Now back to Pittsburgh Beverly be able to put any pressure on his defense. I down ten at the forty seven. Pittsburgh flacco arrogant deep looking for John Brown one on one coverage and it's incomplete good coverage catching up by Joe Haden. Ground had a step for a moment. Hate enable the get there. Just in time at the goal line and knock it away and its second intended to forty seven, but that's been a very valuable deep shot for most of the night for the ravens yet has it a few times they had a couple times where he overthrew or they didn't connect what it would also back that defense up. So I I still like the play call. I like the the aggressiveness and really good job. I Joe Haden. They're making up ground because he was beat initially. Flacco will bring Snead emotion from left to right standing near the Steelers logo gets the shock. Gun snap. Rolls from pressure health to throw this one away. He got that snap and immediately TJ watt and bug Duprey were chasing him like somebody. Who's it just pulled away from the curb they were hot on the heels of Joe flacco and flacco had no choice. But to get rid of that football. Somebody forgot the memo upfront and the data blocks of pressure was so quick. But the pre was blocked off the backside and they'll Joe flacco rolling out to throw balls. Probably not what he does best. Rather have him in the pocket? Max protection affordable? Keep in the pocket. It's ten dead at the forty seven ravens five of nine on third down from the Steeler forty seven. Flacco in the shotgun has time pocket. Collapsing. Throws over the middle catches made. And it's a first down table white with the grab.

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