NFL, Joe Schwarz, Four Weeks discussed on Crime Time with Vito Colucci, P.I.


Involved with the ray rice case i have had many professional athletes and sports including many in the nfl is clients over the years and i have never had the nfl a client but i have i get calls very often from them asking for my opinion but they've never been a client of mine directly you know we see the famous tape famous go into the elevator in the elevator tape i mean i it's you know let's just say it's joe schwarz involved in that same thing and he calls you up now and it's all over the country you meet with the new meet with the client and a case of that nature of bigness of hitting her knocking the woman out dragging her out you got work to do in a case like that i must have done by our last count here on my firm as i said i did thirty two interviews on the nfl crisis over the past three or four weeks right on national tv and my message has been the same fact i could share with you since they're not a client i get a phone call from the nfl when the crisis i broken and i was very clear if they were my client the advice i would give them and i gave it to them pro bono free and it was very simple answer this isn't about sports this isn't about the league this isn't about sponsors this is a moral and ethical and societal issue when you hear that a man has punched a woman and knocked her out before she gets the ground and her head hits a metal bar and then she's probably not doubt again and she shits ground.

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