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Lease show him different looks in the secondary. He's gonna learn and he's on the pitfalls apart later on in the game. Ten play of the drive coming up. I intend Packers from the lion. Twenty six lions up seven fifteen to go first quarter. Rodgers has got it inside. Handoff goes to Jones who gets inside the twenty five and out of the twenty two yard line. Picked up four it'll be second six. And then if I could go back to that mobile Hobo comic concept, again what that does to is. You guys not really holy not. So it's kinda hard for the defense. The substitute guys off any minute greenback to get to the line, and scrimmage and snap. The ball. Officially they gave him three. So it's seconded seven. Brought up on the Senate wants to throw straight drop with time. Looks looks now side onto throws right side. Incomplete intended for Williams he was hit by Gerry Davis out of the twenty three yard line Natalie. Green Bay looking at eight third and seven. To see again. I don't know what's receiver that was fall yet. Devante add and how Williams that was wide open to ban the bomb was wide open. Never a good thing. He's not what he's covered. The packers. Dial up here. Third and seven they scrimmage from the lion. Twenty three Detroit. Seven nothing in the first Rogers is going to go out of the gun now, Williams shifts and lines up to the left of lodgers. Rogers has got it. Straight drop pressure comes in trouble frozen complete. That's what pressure does Rogers had got him the pocket. He threw it before is receiver came out of his break. And it was nowhere near complete pressure coming from Sean, and Jerry, Dave. And the good thing about that pressure was one on one person. Meaning our guys beat guys up front where within the manufacturer person. So that was very good by Sean Hannity. Those guys up front the beat. They wanna one Mason Crosby on forty one yard field goal attempt. Try to get Green Bay on the board for the first time today. Us up, and it is no good. So the Packers come up at the lions hang on to that seven nothing lead on the second misset here for Mason Crosby and the lions will get the football back. We'll step aside. This is lions radio. Matthew, stafford? W T A on.

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