Tevin Coleman, Dislocated Shoulder, Dean Pees discussed on CBS Sports Radio


A minor league deal with the Braves NFL news dot is running back Tevin Coleman as a dislocated shoulder but could still play in the Superbowl according to head coach Chris Kyle Shanahan Titans defensive coordinator dean pees retires Romeo Crennel reportedly out as Texans defensive coordinator I'm bread Heller this is taking that up here we've got the sports world covered for Easter noon Pacific right here on CBS sports radio you're listening to after hours with it's funny to me that people when they're trying to insult me or that when they try to tell me I'm not too good at what I do the same you just work overnight I love working this time slot that we get to keep people companies all over the country we have more stations cleared and listening and carrying the show around the country than any other show on the network love the fact that we speak to so many people all weather driving working whatever you're doing we're just thrilled that you choose to keep you company these after hours with the new law and we're not going anywhere your question whether you posted to be on social media or your thinking it no we're not going anywhere.

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