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Sports play. Rob Peter Schwartz. And we begin with baseball postseason game. Two of the American League championship series is in the bottom of the seventh inning in Boston. And the Red Sox are on top of the Astros five to four Jackie Bradley, jR. The go ahead three run double for the Red Sox in the bottom of the third and Red Sox threatening in the seventh with a runner on third and one out. We'll keep you posted on what's going on there. The Astros up one game. Now the NFL football game. It's the patriots are top of the chiefs twenty four nine as they just started third quarter Saudi Michelle with a couple of touchdown runs for the pats. Elsewhere on the week, six scoreboard. The Cowboys enjoyed a laugher against the Jaguar seven Prescott. Thank you. Brad sham on Cowboys radio. And the Cowboys beat the Jaguars. Forty two seven Dak Prescott with a couple of touchdown passes and a touchdown run. Now, the Houston where the bills and Texans were tied at thirteen late in the four bills for their twenty-five back McCoy. Gone receivers left one of the right side. Peterman takes the snap. He's looking left. He throws that way. It's picked up by. Five. That was Mark Vandermeer on Texans radio. The Texans beat the bills twenty to thirteen bills quarterback. Josh Allen left in the third quarter. With the elbow injury still being evaluated elsewhere weeks. Sex ravens beat the titans Twenty-one. Nothing. Redskins. Twenty-three panthers. Seventeen Rams speak the Broncos twenty three twenty LA thou. Six jets over the colts forty to thirty four. Vikings beat the cardinals twenty-seven seventeen it over the fans over the bears thirty one twenty eight bedrooms border to Antonio Brown. A thirty one yard touchdown with ten seconds to go. Give the Steelers at twenty eight twenty one win over the Bengals the chargers. Beat the Browns. Thirty eight fourteen the Seahawks over the raiders in London. Twenty seven to three in the falcons over the box. Thirty four twenty nine updating in New England during the third quarter. The chiefs have just scored a touchdown. That's how the patriots. Twenty four the chief sixteen NHL devil's peak the sharks three two ducks three blues to the jets over the hurricanes. Three one Peter Schwartz DA here.

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