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We're all born with the need to be nurtured and loved we cry out for our parents when we're hurt or when we're scared for those whose please go unheard however, , the desire for affection is sometimes unbearable and can lead down a dark road. . Charles Sobhraj. . Never felt the love and support of a stable family. . He was born in the spring of nineteen forty four in Saigon French Indochina better known today as Vietnam. . His mother was a shop girl named Chen Lang Fun who went by Noy and his father Hotan Chun Sobhraj was a wealthy Indian textile merchants but the union wasn't to last when Charles was only. . Two years old noise took her son away from Hotan after learning he had another wife back in India. . Fortunately, , for Noye, , she found a new start with French army Lieutenant Alfons Doro they fell in love and married in nineteen forty eight when Charles was four but Charles wanted nothing to do with his new stepfather and long to be reunited with coach and his real family. . He got his wish in one, , thousand, , nine, , hundred, , forty, , nine when they moved to France with Alphonse and sent five year old Charles to live with his father. . But the reunion didn't go as Charles expected just like his mother Ho Chun had remarried and started a new family amidst the growing number of half siblings. . Charles struggled to compete for hotel son's attention and felt unbearably neglected. . Vanessa's going to take over and the psychology here, , and throughout the episode please note Vanessa is not a licensed psychologist or psychiatrist, , but she has done a lot of research for this show thanks Greg unlike some of the serial killers we've discussed in the past Charles never faced physical or sexual abuse. . Instead, , he endured a different kind of childhood trauma. . He was ignored in favor of his half brothers and sisters according to psychiatrist Bruce, , Perry, , feelings of parental neglect can lead to increased aggression and cruelty. . He adds that one of the most disturbing elements of this aggression is that it is often accompanied by a detached cold lack of empathy. . Charles started showing signs of this developing aggression over the next three years. . He joined a gang of street thugs who attacked and robbed on spending tourists. . Unsurprisingly, , his criminal activity didn't win his father's affection. . In fact, , when Noyon Alfons returned to Saigon in nineteen fifty to poach on sent eight-year-old Charles. . His mother it's likely that the feeling of being unwanted by both parents haunted Charles for the rest of his life. . In Saigon, , Charles was still a handful. . So in an attempt to curtail the unruly behaviour, , Stepfather Alfonse formally adopted Charles, , but it made no difference. . The young boy was beyond caring about the acceptance of his family worse as he got older Charles started showing signs of Machiavelli Anisim the psychological trait based around manipulation and his favourite victim was his half brother. . Andre. . Andre, , idolized his older brother which made him. . The perfect target for Charles's machinations when Charles was ten years old, , he convinced two year old Andre to steal from a shopkeeper when the toddler was caught under a confessed to their mother that Charles put him up to it to which Charles proudly scoffed I can always find an idiot to do what I want. . It was clear to know that something had to be done before things got out of hand. . So in. . Fifty Nine Nov moved the family from Saigon to Marseille hoping the change would help to manage Charles's behaviour and further his education she enrolled the fifteen year old and an agricultural school, , but it didn't help though he did display an industrious nature that December Charles tried to make some pocket money by selling Christmas cards on the street but his sales tactics were aggressive. . The troubled teen was arrested for threatening people with a knife when they refuse to buy his cards in another bid to reform her son noise secured Charles a job at a cafe in Paris perhaps, , some menial Labor would straighten him out that year. . Charles Bounce from one Parisian restaurant to. . Another either working as a busboy or kitchen hand peeling vegetables and washing dishes Charles, , hated the work. . But no, , he refused to let her son slide. . He needed structure Charles moved up in the ranks of fine dining and near the end of nineteen sixty became a busboy at la, , Cupola of favorite eatery for the Parisian elite according to journalist Thomas Thomson at La cooply. . Charles caught glimpses of high society from his place in the back. . Those few seconds is the kitchen door flapped open were enough to inspire Charles to strive for more to be rich like them, ,

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