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She got probably upwards of like thirty movies and this includes like live action and animated but a number of those that are actually about people coming together and fighting in a tournament. One on one that is rare. That's the great white buffalo of this subject so insane. How hard is that. The bucket execute. Yeah so what's the game about well. People hate the super mario brothers movie. And it's like well. What's mario about. I don't know man this fucking guy. And he's collecting stuff at he jumps on people and it's it's weird but this is very simple okay and the giants scrolling text in the beginning. It lays it out for us at all this room bubba every fifty years generation blah blah blah. They gotta fight. They have tournament they fight. And the bad guys win they get to invade earth and enslave so the good guys have to win great easy simple streetfighter. There's a tournament. Everybody comes together they kick each other's ass and the winner is crowd. The world warrior tournament champion. It's all of this as simple. Do you exists. People understand the idea of fighting tournaments and people will winning lights. These are normal ideas. I for some reason. These movies treat these really insane concepts like a fight is when two individuals are more disagree physically. Was this desire to because you're coming off of like two decades of action films where this would be a inacceptable setup for a simple low budget action film where it's just like all this guy's going to enter a karate tournament we'll really lose and then when they get into the nineties and they have these properties want to adapt. They like totally. Forget that this is a way you can approach a low budget action movie. The is how about if we make it about a dictator streetfighter. Movie great example. It's like okay. So john claude. Van damme did blood sport. Which is why you hired him for the lead role in street fighter and somehow you did not just mimic blood sport. I don't fucking understand that. I just have to put in so no one screams in the comments. But yes jean claude. Van damme was originally supposed to be in a video game by midway which she turned down eventually was supposed to rip out bloodsport because he did not appear it. Became mortal combat. they're also pointed. Al sarah the johnny cage connection. Frankly could have been could have been john. Yes claude van cage but yeah..

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