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Mean Arcade very well may have made that same joke. Okay, but I don't read pending pending arcade. I know it wasn't fitting arcade all right well, that's fair. I'm not. I'm not criticizing the. Comics any more I. Just don't have the time share, but I used to read a lot of them I recall seeing that that as well at any rate whoever created it? Somebody somebody right Intel. All otherwise I used to what you know. What's worse I used to have these pinned up in my cubicle. They're not up there anymore, but I used I can't even remember, but I used to have a whole bunch of them. But anyway not, that's one of the things. That's one of those things that you could joke about. Is that that seemingly? Irrelevant things would get a huge amount of attention because they were, they were interesting. You know especially stuffing Geek culture that people are really really passionate. Interested in like you know, which again shows you why? They're these wikileaks now? That exist all around these properties. Perfect format for that kind of level of minutia of of interstate entail I, mean it's ridiculous when I can look up a comic book character and see every single iteration of that comic book character, and then I look up. An someone who is fundamentally important in some huge moment in history, and they have a fraction of the. Not Not that you couldn't cover the important contributions of that person. In that amount of space, you might be able to, but it just gives you this weird feeling like if I were to put these scales whereas this one so heavy. You know we Kapiti is as as of January two, thousand, thirteen, the fifth most popular website in the world behind only Google Yahoo Microsoft and facebook, and in fact ahead of Amazon Apple and Ebay. And again there's a lot of valuable stuff on there. So I know that we definitely kind of criticized wikipedia quite a bit in this this podcast, but keep in mind. We're talking about specifically in the use for things like academic public academic research and I want to say what we do what Jonathan. I both do I think is We'll did say already. We we, we go to Wikipedia and we go straight to the resource sexual. References you take. A look and see like because there. You can learn more about you know. Go to the the the places where the people who have written the article on wikipedia where they got their information from because I mean also. Allows you to remove the interpreter as well right because anytime. You're reading an article on Wikipedia. You're reading an interpretation of someone else's stuff. Because you know there's another thing we didn't mention on Wikipedia. You do not publish primary information. You don't publish information for the first time. Typically against the rules you have to you have to. If you're going to present a fact that someone could look up and verify or reject. You have to be able to sight it and that wraps up another classic episode of Tech Stuff. Hope. You guys enjoyed it. If you have any suggestions for future tech, stuff topics, no matter what it may be if it's a company or technology trend in tech. Maybe it's a great innovator. New would like to have sort of a biography of that person. Let me know you can reach out to me on twitter or on facebook. We use the handle.

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