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This is the community that I am a part of I'm going to invest in it needs ways right now another show probably a good business opportunity for him as these are on the come up but it does also play well PR wise for the Houston guy to say no I'm really about it yeah and let's remember the MLS continually expands and every time they expand the owners all get that expansion fee so the MLS even if we want to talk about what attendance is in some cities as they are rowing everybody's making money because as expensive fees are so high usable some days you just have a bad day just like a little off your chest some days I like to come into my goal junior and just yell at him so I get this Yankees Aaron Boone maybe it was one of those days he went all off on rookie umpire Brenda Miller yesterday this is what it sounded like now that is him just unloading on rookie umpire Brenda Miller and you know it it's you know sometimes you have one of those days where you want to go out but that he did after the game explain his unloading this is what he said you know I always just want our guys you know I talk to you guys all the time about controlling the strike zone and make it hard on the picture all the time and that's something that those guys take a lot of pride in as a line up you know making it you know you may I have your way with this you may have success against those but we want I want you to feel less and and they take that on every game and and it usually serves some while couple things go understated now this one I did not realize truly how much Aaron Boone look like lord Voldemort until just now so there's one for you right there I should not supposed to say he's a season one you know you must not be named but when I did that thing for us the other thing Brett Gardner in the background for anyone is not seen this video all of this curse saying all this ranting came after Aaron Boone it already been ejected after Brett Gardner came back to the dugout very frustrated and after everyone seem to treat it like it was perfectly normal that Brett Gardner was taking a bat and trying to break everything around him including the ceiling of the dog out and so it all comes back to the place were if you're a player in the dugout how are you not fired up after that all of it like Brett Gardner being a maniac Aaron Boone going out there and telling an umpire within earshot of young he knows guys are hearing it that my guys are savages like you were ready to go after that men are gassed up right here right now I mean that is I'm so you're absolutely right when you hear your diet you like yelling for you in that sense yeah your ready to run through a wall I also thought it was it interesting for all the dog got so many games of of beating things up the amount of focus not just not just randomly hitting things bye bye garden he wasn't just randomly pick things he looked like somebody that was calculated he was going after like it like a guy with a hammer they're really knows what he's doing is he's hitting the top of the dugout it's like he found the crack and he's like I'm going to go to this spot over and over and I could use some new crown molding I've got a chip off the old one do I feel like we're gonna get a reality show at some point that's like remaking the dugout made game it's like this dug out it's fixer upper with Brett Gardner everyone's favorite part of house hunters and all these different reality shows is the demo stage when you get to go into Mahler's everything and now you just said Brett Gardner and will baseball bat after report back it looked at the one big the biggest takeaway from all of this for me is I want a world where I can watch baseball where the managers and the arms are both miked up because I can only imagine Brandon Miller the rookie afterwards when back behind the plate and he was doing so much like a little brother talking under his breath his gums is like on the ticket well you know what I would have said to him all of a sudden there's a like that I feel like he was mumbling well and like that's I always give you grief because you're forty two year old man but you look like you are markedly younger than I am as a twenty nine year old that's the same thing with Brenda me on fire this guy's of five games into his major league something career and he looks like he might be caught more comfortable with orange slices and juice boxes at halftime of the little league soccer game like this guy looks young and he has got first off this line up of behemoths that are already upset with him because the strike zone and now Aaron Boone crawling up as you know what it was a rough day for Brandon you certainly hope it gets better I hope run and Miller somehow is listening to this right now and then in the next game he just like reaches into the pocket just pulls out the little orange slices and he's like you know that would be I mean those who would want an orange slice and a good freeze on mid game at the major league level I think we're missing out I thank god I want that mid showed they were gonna try to figure that out that get you caught up on what's trending goalie can win go Jason fits my goal of junior get more presented by progressive insurance all phone guests join us on the shell benzyl performance line we've been doing it all week because we are so excited about the start of NFL training get we've been doing our own little spin on it this.

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