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Was June nineteenth eighteen sixty five took more than two and a half years after Abraham Lincoln's emancipation, proclamation went into effect for union union troops to land in Galveston, Texas. They carried with them, the message of freedom, the resolution of the civil war between the states to the many slaves. Threw out Texas June teeth still celebrated throughout the world, a legal state holiday in Texas and Oklahoma. Enjoy the day off nineteen twelve the United States. Government adopted a new rule for all working folks. It established an eight hour work day at the time don't know if that came quick with a lunch or not nineteen forty three. The National Football League approved the merger of the Philadelphia Eagles in the Pittsburgh Steelers the Spiegel's, and I'm not making that up team lasted all of one year. They denied a similar merger of the Chicago cardinals and the Chicago Bears. The following year the Steelers would merge with the cardinals another one season expedition reason teams were merging in the nineteen forty should be evident. So many men were in the armed forces due to World War, Two football players were at a premium nineteen Seventy-three Pete Rose of the Cincinnati Reds reached the two thousand career hit plateau that milestone milestone came ten years after his first professional baseball appearance in Cincinnati..

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