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The country, New York was second Milwaukee Pittsburgh in Columbus. 234 and five as far as TV ratings. That's funny. That's funny. Maybe a lot of people. You watch it a little bit of it yet until the feed went dead, I guess it went off. And on a few times it was like it was. I don't know it. Uh, maybe Joey Chestnut ate part of the camera to mean were they Was it working at the The 10 minute mark when they cut them off. No, no, I missed that route 60, some or whatever it was. I don't know. He ate 76 22,000 calories. So I'm sure he's Not hungry by when will he be hungry? Next? Some engineers in trouble, Torino Amen. Ones in trouble. I love watching that that action. I love watching that. Hot I took. I took a pass. I don't even like hot dogs. I still have it. This is your cheeseburgers and major league eating. Yes, it is. I mean, how much does he make a year? What do you make for that one? When Kobe Yeah, She wasn't even there. Well, what's what's the what's the payoff for the July 4th? That's gonna be the biggest payoff of the year. I'm sure it probably makes thousands You know what that means that tens of thousands of 100,000 look it up. I don't know. I don't feel like it $10,000 according to what is and yes, 10,000 blocks That's not bad when he gets hungry again. Yeah, I know. Eating 76 hot dogs in 10 minutes. How do you realize you have a knack for that? I guess by winning the first couple, huh? Yes, 700 Tell me Well, W This is the aviation report with J rattling brought to you by the Greater Cincinnati Northern Kentucky International Airport on.

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