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Thank you jeremy scale very much ralph nader is a pioneer of the modern consumer rights movement he's the former indepen and green party presidential candidate and author of many books his latest is breaking through power coming up on the show we're going to be talking to whistle blower chelsea manning after seven years in a us military prison she's running for senate in the state of maryland and we're gonna talk to artists ricardo cortez you may know him as the illustrator of the wildly successful book go the fuck to sleep but did you know he also has created some amazing illustrated books that deal with islamaphobia the history of coca cola and jury nullification but first a quick check in with my friend mehdi hassan he's the host of the new podcast from the intercept it's called deconstructed many what do you have coming up this friday on deconstructed a thanks jeremy we covering gaza on the horrific contract ongoing violence in gaza from a interesting i would argue saudi different perspective jeremy you know that these rallies often say well you know all of these accusations it's fake news it'll antisemitism it's all made up by palestinians who haters sway natural jeremy the some of the best documentation of his early human rights abuses in gaza in the west bank come from israel human rights groups and i'm pretty pleased that this week i'm speaking to two of my heroes from israel a hug i'll odd and avenue governor yahoo who run respectively bet salaam and breaking the silence to israel's most amazing human rights groups will really looking forward to that medi and again for our listeners of the podcast is deconstructed it is in your podcast feed if you hit the subscribe button comes out every friday thanks a lot my friend thank you mehdi hassan's show deconstructed comes out every friday subscribe wherever you get your podcasts.

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