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At. Colorado college is Friday night and that's at seven thirty and then at the gates concert, hall at do. You because the reach of your show you're all. Over you have no idea we we are right now there's probably someone. In a foxhole in Afghanistan listening to us, as well but. This is the show Yeah How about? That Before we leave I feel remiss if I did not mention the fact that in addition to everything, else you do you write. Really funny. Books thank. You you do do you have another book coming out because. You can right it's almost like I feel like my stages of life are sort of following along. With the pilot Right what happens to me and, and so, I wrote the book couple. Of it. When I. Was newly married neighborhood that was newly babied and then family. Hood when my kids were getting a little older and then my next book will be stroke hood Right after my stroke hopefully before so I. Still type and yeah I'm. Always jotting things down and sometimes it ends up as a. Bit in my stand. Up and sometimes I go well that's actually better for a chapter in a book so I'm I'm always collecting, stuff and they'll be another one I'm sure down the road have, you caught by the way the marvelous MRs Mazel How accurate is that in terms of working up. That solid, ten minutes you know how we going. Through the process even for you because you've been doing all these this acting and other things how how how hard how how. Much does it say it is it, is very hard, you know when I was when I, came back a couple of? Years ago I really started from. Scratch again. And I knew how to do it but I I. Just, wanted. To get normal materials so I would go into comedy clubs here in, LA and, I would do if I could scrap together. Five minutes of material I was thrilled to. These younger guys and I said so when you. Go out, and headline, how long do you do they go seventy. Five minutes ago that's impossible how can that seems impossible and then slowly you go oh okay now I got ten, minutes now. I got twelve minutes. And then, move you know you'd work at it and then you have so now I'm out there and I can't I can't do, less than seventy five minutes now and I you. Know I it's hard to get me off stage I love. Being out that one of. The things I've been doing now in these theaters is Towards the end of the. Show will, open it, up and do a little q. and a.. With the audience which is a tickles me because people have some really weird questions I had Street asked me about a routine that I. Had not done in twenty five years well I don't remember it is I got it and I said well, come up and do it and he did my act of nineteen. Eighty three That's funny I should? Write that down? I had forgotten that. Bit. So you never know so it's it's been, a, lot of fun getting. To actually see, real. Faces and real meat real people are you gonna have chance to do anything while. You're, here do anything fun I don't do fun. Okay I just, wanted, to check now shower joke, airplane shower in that order I hope yes exactly Yeah Well Paul Reiser I know that everybody is going to have a fantastic time. This weekend I've got people on the line that wanna talk? To you but? I don't I am. Out. Of time and I know you have places, together, they can they can. Twitter me. A, question We'll just wants to say that. Aliens is the best movie ever Very very good what's your favorite movie. You've ever been and don't give me that it's too hard cheese It's very. Easy to so I did a movie that I wrote about fifteen years ago twenty eight ten years ago something called Peter Peter Falk called the thing about my folks and it was a movie that I wrote specifically for Peter Falk because I always wanted to work with him and I always wanted to play my father. And and that was really a dream come true and he was everything that I hoped, it would be and so every day I would go to work and, sort of, pinch. Myself on thinking I can't, believe I get to. Actually do this with. Somebody that I you know idolized so. That was I'm gonna say. Right up. Front that was my favorite. I'm going to try and find it you go, find it get good, luck it's it's not out there it's not. Like, a Terminator or something or transformers it's not. Readily available but? Now let me. Ask you this man. Yeah you gotta come, to, the, show this weekend you. Know what I don't, know I I did not I didn't plan Well Paul I, I'm waiting to see I really want to but I might try and come down to the spring show, come, down to. The spring show and say Hello and anybody who comes to the show come and say Hello afterwards because, we always do a little meet and greet outside and so it was, nice to, meet. Actual people oh that's fantastic, Paul Reiser your swell. Guy yours well thank. You are you are I put a. Link by the way for. People who. Want to buy tickets on. My blog at KOA NewsRadio dot com and also, just a link to, the Paul Reiser page because I think people. Probably, would be shocked if they're not on Amazon. Or they're not? On Hulu about. How much you are. In right now and, how, much, stuff you've been doing. Over the past one, year listen you know by the way I'm very I'm like, Elvis and if I come into a theater and I see an empty chair I don't go on so You View to get down to fill up every. Seat don't make me pull an. Elvis, well you, know some guy's gonna show up with a mannequin now just in case carpool line manneken is going to. Happen Yeah Paul Reiser you you continued success do you think you thank you go see. Him this. Weekend thanks so much for your time Dallas just how guy I know I love it when I talk to people that I like and they're even. Nicer than than I thought they. Would, be that's, excellent you can just go out and get a beer with what wouldn't you have dinner with that guy He. Did a show for Amazon called red oaks and. Red oaks is. About a country club in. New Jersey in the nineteen eighty s and I am telling you. I know every person in that but I'm from. Florida but I know all. All the characters, are someone, that you, know you know what I'm saying that's. Like Bob the guy it's it's a great show and it was only three seasons I don't know why they only did three seasons I liked it. I thought it was good so if you're. Not gonna go see Paul Reiser for some reason you just can't make it. Anywhere to see it we've got something for you Denver's rhino neighborhood the river. North neighborhood a, big transformation of. What's happening there and I'll tell. You what's going on at. Two thirty on KOA NewsRadio eight, fifty, AM and ninety four one. FM for news. 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