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Six so Tom deal after just three days. It's not surprising. That you won't. Remember this one either? Ooh. Damn, okay. Followed on my my hold on white day. When you said that. So he said again, I'm not going to expose private business arrangements in the twin discussion it we just discuss what he expose AJ going to negotiate with Showtime HBO when he was in contract. But he contracted himself already. He he's kind of. As the trees, he said, then put out anything. The public didn't already know exactly. I think they both came off looking bad. I'm going gonna read what I see. And I'm gonna give you my opinion about SO might look like I think that they both came off looking bad. Here is opinion from the side of Manchester. Bring all right. Listen say, look, they both came off looking bad. All right. They both came off looking petty. All right. I it should have never been discussed in open form like this of. But at the end of the day. Spills onto the one thing I really shouldn't be discussing over form it's being discussed because only one listen to me. Why do you think a Showtime executive is replying to trolls? Because he cried so time executive is under significant pressure. Okay. Actually, the first time Eddie them went back and forth on Twitter either. We're not talking to quit might not Eddie come on play catch up. Man, man. He was. Is because you realize that you're not in Jamaica. No more like he's like take it back out on everybody else. What's going on? Because I know I heard on the cold is because I realized that you like you must have grew up on Veselin. So you'll be awesome tag team shit, regardless of how right around the top again. Pointing out that as another saying, hey, that was public info that was already out. I'm not acting. I'm going by what I see what I read. I'm not going to be on time. For motor who's causing. All this was just because he got his fight a more money could business business. This laughing like he that's not good business. It's such good business that true people who've done business now, obviously cannot, and that's why all this is public. That's the whole point. We come full circle to Mario's last sense. It's like, oh, this shouldn't be happening. It's happening because only one guy only one guy was unethical and he took his game somewhere else. Dislike. Mario says he did was best for his crying. But he did it. That's why there's one bidder exec because he's getting the heat that economies talkin about. But from a different angle accounting getting heat for losing. He's getting heat in his opinion. Because people don't believe that he's done what he said. He's done. So now, he's starting to show you this is the truth. This is the truth. But you guys still rather believe the lie. And that's why you heard the lady ten seconds is been done. Never never heard. Oh, never knows whether line never never up at all. I only said it was a good business by Eddie Hearn. One site side wrong sides of the fence. I'm. Yes, you are. Yes. You are business side. I'm gonna boxer. I want the fight. I want to fight the saying good business move. This is a fucked up move for the paying customers. The one is paying ten dollars for his own six dollars for ESPN ten dollars for show, Tom. Thank god. We ain't gotta pay HBO anymore. Okay. We gonna say that all of that Kim's down to this one deal that as earn. The her maid comes down. Got. People are network. Bring checkbook famine salad seeing you in. Mario are on a huge platform. I mean, Mike and Mary on a huge platform here. You know, giving these boxing fans the option to think this was a good business. No this fucked up their main course..

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