President Trump, Republican Party, Jim Crow discussed on WHO


They justify all of their reporting for eleven months what have they ever get their good name and credibility back by the way the media it has no idea the level of exposure that's coming their way non the media has they have gone so far out there that there will be a dramatic dramatic rejection of them coming in probably very soon because they have put their ideology ahead of the service of the american people and it goes the same for democrats they they think that this is a a good policy for them or a good platform for them to just be no no no and called the president you know just say russia trump russia trump collusion collusion collusion and then we can say racist racist racist even though the president condemn condemn condemned and they can say it all they want and it's it's not going to inspire one american to feel that they got the ability to solve the problems as country faces that's the shaming all of those so you got the deep state you got the media got democrats and you have the republican party that has frankly losing and lost all identity you know impart all of what i have laid out this week on radio and tv and playing the cuts after cuts in the history of every two four years the race card being played in every election elect republicans black churches burn and they don't want to count you in the census and it's like my father was killed all over again and on and on and on and on they're the party of jim crow oh it's like the republicans have never fought back against what has been a false lying narrative and.

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