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To go out there and plays live Oh my God I would definitely that. It would be insane. Be slipping out to be able to do this live. Once. He's a trade show called the NAMM SHOW The name show and played wasn't the Hendrix got some other stuff that we played in spent Iraq and it was just so much fun for me to get out there and just not think like basically you know but anyway hopefully, covert will pass by and maybe. Maybe, I'll be able to grow up here and do this one. That would be very good. Don't forget that I would be cool. Very cool. I would love to do I would tell you I'd be scared to death. Because it's like you know you can't. You know it's like you're gonNA put up or shut up. You know it's like it's live you gotta nail so it would it you know I would have to be I I would really have to own it and it would be cool. I was loved the challenge 'cause you know every guitar player in the world's GONNA stand there with their arms. Arms folded staring at you going yeah. What the Hell you do you know so it's like I I would have my work have been. Would have my work to do but how cool would that be? So that would be a lot of fun to do a lot of fun for hindrance fans. Yep, absolutely would be cool. Open up for somebody I mean just give me a couple of kids. Out there do you know just last? So? Who knows we'll see hopefully, we'll be able to do that this year that would be cool. I'll definitely keep my eyes open for that one. Well, thank you so much you and. I appreciate your time. Thank you man. Thanks Brian. Thank you Brian Bromberg. And thanks for all your love towards Jimi. Hendrix. This is a fantastic album Bromberg plays Hendrix and thank you for listening. This is Patrick Prince Editor Goal My magazine, he can go to goal my MAG dot com for additional exclusive content also get percentage off the subscription price of print and digital, and you can pick goldmine at the newsstand, a barnes and noble and books. A million will see the next podcast.

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