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In the eighteen seventies and eighteen eighties. Grover Cleveland rose through the democratic ranks. He earned a reputation as an honest pro reform. Civil servant in an era of quid pro quo machine politics as he gained star power within the Democratic Party in New York. Cleveland earned the nickname. Grover the good this reputation propelled him for mayor of Buffalo to Governor of New York State. And just a few years around the same time on the other side of the aisle. There was another politician. Who made a name for himself to Republican? James Blaine. He served in Congress and Secretary of state to President. James Garfield as a moderate Republican Blaine lobby to curb rampant federal patronage. Better known as the spoils system this system data back to President. Andrew Jackson and by the mid eighteen eighty S. It had grown out of control many fully expected to turn their party loyalty into a lucrative government post regardless of qualification moderate Republicans like Blaine sought to restore honesty transparency and efficiency to federal government departments another faction of Republicans known as stalwarts bought such reforms. Stalwarts were led by two men Roscoe conquering in his right hand. Man Vice President Chester Arthur. The Spoil System had given them leverage within the party. They saw no reason to rock the boat. Eager Office seekers got caught in the middle of this intraparty debate as Cleveland and Blaine argued for reform and Conklin Arthur resisted one republican frustrated with business as usual in. Washington would exact his revenge on the president of the United States himself. This is episode twenty five eighteen eighty four Blaine versus Cleveland. Tell the truth across the seventies grover. Cleveland HAD RISEN TO PROMINENCE IN BUFFALO NEW YORK. He'd worked as a lawyer and with the help of his well-connected uncle established a law practice with a few partners. Cleveland had developed a close friendship with his partner Oscar. Folsom folsom outgoing. Manner and good looks made a sharp contrast with Cleveland Dour countenance so fall. Some became the public face of their growing law. Practice Cleveland was close with the entire fulsome family. But even the domestic list of Oscar and Emma folsom could not entice Cleveland to marry and start a family of his own when his sister asked if he had ever considered marriage. Cleveland replied a good many times and the more I think of it the more. I think I'll not do it instead. Cleveland was married to his work to use the modern parlance. He was a workaholic. His law practice had thrived and he charged high fees for his end man services. Cleveland regularly sent large portions of his salary to his impoverished. Mother and single sisters business partners clients and local politicians respected him. One judge describe Cleveland's honesty he practiced. No subterfuge this was impossible for him. His great strength was his candor. His thorough integrity in eighteen seventy. He had accepted the nomination to run for. Erie County Sheriff Though. He was only thirty three years old at the time. Cleveland had easily won the election and applied his knowledge of the law and work ethic to his post. He often chose to perform the unsavory parts of the job himself. Rather than force them onto an underlying when necessary. He pulled the lever at the gallows several men to their deaths in eighteen. Seventy three Cleveland had left office and gone back to his private law practice but he had never truly left politics behind a devoted democrat. Cleveland had supported local candidates and served on Party committees as the Democrats were hard to overcome their reputation as the party of the rebellion in the civil war. Cleveland had earned a reputation as a political booster in favor of reform. But Cleveland soon faced a public tragedy on July. Twenty third eighteen seventy five his friend Oscar FOLSOM had a terrible carriage accident on Balmy summer afternoon. Folsom rode in a carriage. On his way to Cleveland's home hit a love for carriage and horse racing relishing. The speed of the ride fulsome took a turn in the road too fast. His horse losses footing. The wheel slipped skidded and the carriage careened out of control. Fulsome was thrown from his seat and hit his head. He died instantly three days later on July. Twenty six eighteen seventy five. Cleveland was called on to give his friends eulogy as he looked out over the crowd of lawyers friends and family. Cleveland choked up in the course of a life not entirely devoid of startling events. I can truly say. I was never so shocked and overwhelmed when I heard on Friday night of the death of Oscar folsom. The congregants nodded in agreement. Tears STREAK DOWN. The faces a several men. The Cleveland sympathies focused on falsehoods widow. Emma and her daughter Francis. I know that we will sorely Miss Oscar and his kind and generous heart but let are tender sympathy extent to fatherless child after the Memorial Service. Cleveland followed his own advice. Folsom died without a will. In Cleveland took on the role of executor of his largest date. He managed the estate free of charge and assured that Emma and Francis Folsom were financially secure even with a large workload and his responsibilities in the folsom estate in eighteen eighty. One Cleveland felt the lure of public office. Again he told a friend. This office seeking is a disease. It is even catching in eighteen. Eighty one Democratic Party leaders. Ask Cleveland to run for mayor of Buffalo. He agreed and he won in his acceptance speech. Cleveland firmly established his commitment to reform. He declared I believe that. A more rigid scrutiny of all public expenditures will result in a great saving to the Community. And when we consider that public officials are the trustees of the people and hold their places and exercise their power for the benefit of the people. There should be no higher inducement to a faithful. An honest discharge of public duty. Buffalo citizens agreed but not everyone approved of Cleveland stance in cross country Pro Reform. Moderate Republicans and Democrats hotly debated the necessity of government reform with the resistance. Stalwart Republicans that fierce debates at the table for an assassin to take matters into his own hands. It's nine am on Saturday. July second eighteen eighty one president James Garfield enders the Waiting Room of the Baltimore and Potomac Railway Depot in Washington. Dc Garfield talks with his travel companion secretary of state. James Blaine about his summer plans. The two men take several steps into the bustling train station pass Workman and summer travelers on their way to board a train. To New York City President does not see Dr Care Charles Guitar. Waiting the newsstand as Garfield steps toward the train platform. You Tow pulls out a pistol and takes aim. The bully grazes. The president's right shoulder. Tearing his suit shattering nearby glass sending shards fall. Into the carpeted floor. Garfield looks around frantically first attacker while tote takes advantage of the confusion he steps to his right aims his pistol again and fires. This time the bullet hits Garfield in the back just above his waist Garfield slumps to the floor. His blood soaps the back of his light grey. Summer suit blame watches in horror and calls out for. Help help you you. They're the same for the nearest doctor. The president's been shot as a crowd forms around the president attempts to slip away and head for the nearest exit. What a witness blocks escape route? You toes forced to turn and run to another door. He Collides with a police officer who grabs him by the arm but doesn't know him as the assassin. Sir. You're coming from the scene of a shooting. I'm detaining you and all the rest until I get to the bottom of this as the officer Forces Guitar into a nearby chair. Several train station employees bring a mattress from their workroom and lift the injured president onto it only then does Dr Smith Townsend Washington. Dc's health officer arrive immediately. Begins EXAMINATION OF GARFIELD MR PRESIDENT? Can you tell me where you feel the most pain my right leg and my foot ache? That could be a sign of spinal damage. Mr President. If you're able. Can you turn over onto your side for me? Garfield Winston as he rolls from his back to his side. Townsend carefully examines the Gunshot Wound. Probate with his finger in an attempt to locate the bullet. Oh what do you think of my condition? Doctor Mr President. You are gravely injured that I can see no spinal damage and I have no reason to fear the worst. Dr Townsend's encouragement does not assuaged president. Donald Doctor I feel I am a dead man. After Guitar. Attack President James Garfield lingered for eighty six days before dying from Septicemia Blood Poisoning Guitar ultimately admitted to the murder claiming the Garfield passed him over for a government position. He deserved Garfield died on. September nineteenth eighteen eighty one at ten thirty five PM. Chester a Arthur was never supposed to be president. He became vice president only because as a stalwart republican he brought votes from that wing of the party to his running mate James Garfield he also hailed from New York and could almost guarantee that crucial state would vote for the Garfield Arthur ticket in the eighteen eighty election but moderate Republicans never wanted him at the helm many of them considered Arthur to be a political hack in the pocket of the powerful and corrupt stalwart Republican leader Roscoe conquering one Republican thirty one year old Julius Sand took action though she had no personal connection to Arthur she boldly wrote to the perspective President. The people are bowed in grief but not so much because Garfield is dying as because you are his successor but San saw reason for hope and offered Arthur. Some wise counsel making a man President Can Change Him. Great Emergencies Awaken generous traits which have lain dormant half alive if there is a spark of true nobility in you now is the occasion to let it shine at two fifteen am on September Twentieth Eighteen. Eighty one Arthur took the oath of office and became President. He took sands advice to heart and try to act with his conscience with President. Garfield assassination are through began to see the need for reform. A frustrated office secret had murdered his predecessor and Arthur came to think civil service reform could solve. Many of the problems caused by the Spoil System Again. San WROTE ARTHUR. The vital question before the country today is Civil Service Reform. Vital question before you is how you will meet. Arthur began writing back to sand regularly asking for advice. He needed her support as he faced national challenges that had been brewing for years as he navigated increasingly difficult political issues and sought to make the presidency his own Arthur would alienate members from both wings of the Republican Party would find himself with few allies and even fewer friends the topic that would ultimately drive a wedge between Arthur and. His party was a hot button. Issue at in one form or another has been with the country since its inception in gration..

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