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With me is Mark Souza. We got some things talked about in the world of baseball, some free agent moves possible moves possible trains, and so on a civil in some things about the old gambling tricks that happened when it comes to baseball. So the question remains, what is our first topic of discussion Josh Johnson, he has been signed by the Atlanta Braves one year twenty three million dollars. Wait what way one year one year for twenty three million dollars twenty three million dollars for the all star? Former all star third baseman. Josh johnson. We know he had some problems last season. We know he's had some problems staying healthy and his career, but he will now be manning. Third base for. For your Atlanta Braves here. Twenty three million in one year towns a little too much. Don't you think? So only one year twenty three million dollars for one year. I think that's a good signing. If he can stay help, these someone healthy. I I mean, mean, we we are are talking. talking about a player who. Is quite a player when he can stay on the field. That's his problem is that why these handle when you're deal because he gives injury-prone, and they don't want to remember this is the two thousand fifteen American League MVP, I know it's twenty three million. But it's only one year. I mean and attorney eighteen. If he gets nineteen does one this. He inserts. Yeah. It's no risk though. I mean, I like it the browser division champs, and they're not just resting on their worlds here. They're going out making a big move. Because you know, you knows I do this has an opportunity to definitely definitely be a big boost to their club. Yeah. Absolutely. And I mean, this team can only look up words. I mean they start out great last season. They won their division. They went to the playoffs. Yeah. Sure. They lost. But only thing looking is the only way looking is up for these teams that team that's for sure. Yeah. Absolutely. You put him in that lineup. And you know when I'm looking at their lineup. Maybe you see differently. But I see him batting fourth behind FREDDY Freeman. So when I look at it. I see a Kuna Albee's Freeman Donaldson as your one two three four maybe in CRT's up there too in the top four. But that's a good top of the lineup right there. That's a really solid lineup. Yeah. If everyone means healthy though, right? Rodney times, we saw these awesome lineups. And then it just gets story due to injury. Oh, yeah. Definitely. I mean, there's always the health factors especially in baseball. Which has always been weird to me. It seems like baseball players are hurt a lot compared to their other. Games. This is true. But there's always like amazes me when baseball purrs are hurt like it such an incredibly high rate, and I think it's bad for the game a little bit. You know, when you see these high level superstars not being able to perform makes fancy at home, maybe tune in a little bit less, but Gallic Donaldson. He's had his issues for sure. Interesting to me, though, is that I feel like this move kind of puts more pressure on their division revel counterparts. What do you think about that? Yeah. Definitely I would say this puts a damper on them. And honestly, if you can hurt a team in your like that is competed for ploughs spot is much as you are it helps with our question. Absolutely. So like we hear the Phillies are trying to bring in one of the top two price free agents. And that would be of course, Manny Machado or Bryce Harper. It does put a little bit more pressure on them. I feel like to make a big move like that because you're already chasing the Braves and Donaldson has a chance to really put this team over the top. I mean when you look at the playoff teams from last year in the National League. This is a move that. I think could actually put them over a team like LA. Like, Milwaukee, you know, they're right there. We can't forget how how great the season was for the brazen. They have all young players. So. Yeah. Some people are worried about how this will affect their really good young player..

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