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They're two running backs Zach Mas and Devin Devin Singletary have been keys for them and every single game. They've won, however, in the three losses that the bills have had those two guys have only combined for 38 yards from scrimmage on average, So you have to slow those two guys down in order to beat the bills. No doubt Zach Stevens from the NPR joining us here. Okay, so I don't want to sound too hyperbolic on this case, so understand this isn't even all coming from me. But I want to ask your opinion on it because we had a little bit of a debate last night with Alfred Williams when he's on the show Because Alfred wants to see more. No Taani Moody. He thinks the Broncos have found their right guard. Now they're paying Grand Blasco a certain contract that they're just not gonna be able to get out from on next year. Whatever so Did Graham glass go get Wally picked in this situation. Should we see the tiny moody at least for the remainder of the year? What do you think about right guard right now. You know what? I'm not going to come on here and argue against Alfred will tell you that. You know, I think the Broncos have a great opportunity right now to see more of Massoni movie, You know, Grand Glascow missed last week because of an injury. Well, we know he's better much better this week than he was at this point last week. But you know what? At this point in the season, you're in a valuation mode, and I applaud the Broncos for understanding there an evaluation mode. And embracing it because it doesn't make sense. If you should be an evaluation mode, and you're in your playing hostage locked and you're playing tomorrow, Dotson and you're playing these guys who you know what you have. You have to go full evaluation. So what I do, at least for this week. As I say, Graham. We need you to be 100% in order to go out there because we do need to see the tiny movie and you could be honest with him about it because you know what he knows He's getting paid his money next year. He knows he's coming back next year. You're not cutting him and losing an additional $5 million in debt. Money next year instead of keeping him on the team, so you could be honest with him and then you know what if Connie plays well and shows well, then you could just do that the rest of the season with Grand Blasco. So yeah, I I do understand where Alpert's coming from. And man I really like what I saw from the tiny movie and it's not a surprise, either guys. He was the 1st 2nd round talent before all of his injuries, and, of course, his injuries made it so the Bronco's gotta steal on him. And if he's able to stay healthy, man, I just loved what I saw. Against the Panthers and would like to see him get more work that these last couple of weeks let's bring the Broncos him all over the last couple of drafts. You know, it looked for talented. That deed is gonna contribute or play your one year two in the 1st 34 rounds, And then after that, they start doing dice rolls. You know, guys that did have slipped and fallen duty injury that kind of stuff for the Jake. But pick a few years back. You couldn't tiny moody and we go back. Look, there's there's some more in their justice or not, might have been a guy we would have seen at some point this year. And so there's there's Chicks like that all over. I think that one it speaks to the draft philosophy changed they made and how that successful that's been over the last couple of years, despite some columnists saying, otherwise, I think that I think that really, you know, you look at this team and you look at what they've got on the offensive line there and you've got to get cushion very up T part and I think the question for me In that movie evaluation is is putting moody out there another rookie, doing a disservice to Lloyd Cushion, bury it all because that would be my primary concern. You have to get that center toe where he's where he needs to be before you do anything else on that offensive line. Well in that that's very, very fair. And, of course, putting a veteran $11 million guard next to him certainly only helps with that and and we saw it. I mean, the one kind of the Broncos turned the ball over last week was when there was a little miscommunication in error and communication between the Tani Moody on Lloyd cushier very there and you'd never want to see your quarterback hit, especially when it could be something that's prevented. Now, let's say that was all on Lloyd Cushion very well. Grand Glass told me when he's in there may be able to tell him before this. Now. Okay? You got it. Got it. Where is it? Where is the Tani? Moochie isn't able to do that. So bend to your point. Not only does it help wake pushing very, but it also helps your quarterback and at the end of the day, guys, isn't that what these last three games are all about? Is finding out there trying to find out at least exactly what you have Andrew lock, so I totally understand the Let's Let's give the pieces to drew that he needs the best pieces in order for him to succeed. And you know some people like Alfred Williams. They believe that the Tani Moochie is that Piece right now. Well, and he just likes the physical strength that he displays. And I mean, you're talking about a guy that Vic Fangio, I thought, athlete, you know reference. This usually know you play like three games. It was file. You're in college, and it's been a year and a half since he played started and played a game and this is the pro level and he looked like he belonged for years. I mean, he looks like he's been playing next to I mean this point, Elijah Wilkinson, who also was just coming back, and then Calvin Anderson and left side. I mean, they were just so many things. Interestingly enough about that game that could have said that that would have been set up for disaster. Yet they played with a certain level of confidence. And when I come back and watch that game, I wouldn't have known other than that one moment, when, when, basically you had free Russia. Is that your locket? He fumbled the ball after you got sacked. Wouldn't have known otherwise. That group hadn't been working together the entire time. Oh, no, absolutely. I mean, that's a credit to everyone, not just the offensive lineman. But of course, Mike Mon check Drew lock and Pat Shurmur for calling a game. That's it. All of those guys strengthened and especially, you know, you have no offend who goes out early in the game Knicks and that choice with Magali stepped up and had had an incredible game, especially for backup tight ends and, like Nick, the net told us yesterday. On Doom Conference called was, You Know, All of those plays were designed for Goa fans. Yet those guys stepped in and did a good job patch Shermer didn't get that didn't get scared by Noah Fant leaving so I mean, just a heck of a job by him as well. And another reason why today drew out comes out and says it would be awesome and huge for Pat Shurmur to come back and Man. I totally understand where Drew is coming from. He does not want to have another offensive coordinator. He's been bumped so many times in his football career. That man, some continuity will be great for not only him, but for these other young guys were talking about for Lloyd Cushion. Very burning Tani movie and the guys. We haven't even talked about you, the young guys. Jerry Judy K. J. Hammer? No, Stan. All of those guys as well. Continuity would be nice on the offensive side. Yeah, And it felt felt like that game against the Panthers was really a showcase for the Broncos Rookie class all the way around, Zach. Just a couple more here for you really appreciate the time tonight..

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