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One day I listen to the show every weekend will be on. Show them. Oh, great. Let me know when you're coming. Hey, you're gonna soon if you find find a way to look it look into us on Facebook. Because soon will be streaming live, you'll be able to actually see what this Robert Erskine Character actually looks like Yeah, The thing is, I'm kind of a bumbling idiot. I have my replacement computer still in the box, okay? And my new TV still in the box, So there's not much I can. Do You know why? I said you'll get on boxed one day And then if you know if you need help, Robert will fly over and help you assemble it. Attack. Tech support. Okay. I would welcome great Carol. I hope you like I hope you very quickly. Yeah. Yeah. Karen Carol Karen vibrating quickly. It's Carol Carol Carol in Christmas very, very quickly. Oh, God, Carol. They last three lines from your song. So every time you stumble never grumble. Next time your bumble even less. So get your computer out. This is now the car and computer show. Yes. Yeah, so seriously, I hope if you come over and visit us that they'll announce it on the show because I catch it every weekend, So all right, All right. Thank you. Carole. Send us an email That way. Maybe having something like that. Stay tuned listeners. We may be having that where we can all get to meet you. Yeah. Yeah, I'll be lovely. The 21st Century auto lab. Okay. Caroli Interactive. Send us an email at auto land Radio a gmail dot com and will send you more information on Robert Erskine. Radio at changing your Robert Could center a signed picture autographed picture way. Go. Okay. Email will send one over to you, Carol. Why? Just a picture. She could just get her phone number and you can text her like some video right now. I can get text. But I have an old flip phone so they can't be too complicated. Well, Carol, send it. Send us that email. And maybe Robert will send you one of his 10. Tons. Sculptures? Yes. Of all scanned it over to you. Okay? Alright. I love it, Carol. Thank you. Thank you for calling. Have a great weekend call again. And Yes, way make Carol's Day and I think she made out with a There you go. I mean, and I don't know. Should we go into a sideline of fixing computers and flip phone now? Flip phones? I don't know. That's uh, kind of limited thing to talk about. Matchmaking watching up, you know? Yes. And happily married. I'm sorry, Carol. Sorry count, but you know the thing about this, which is an enticing about this whole, uh, Nicole, The Facebook thing is like, yeah, you know, with we can start doing all these kind of interactive things and we can we'll be able to see each other and people will be able to You know it'll be live and you were talking about being actually be able be able to host like live events right where we could all meet on Facebook and discuss certain specific Um, usually automotive topics, not relationship. We're not the relationship show. We're not the dating show where the way we do relationships with cause with cars with cars, But it's talking to Eric right now. We're talking to Eric right now on Facebook about his 2015 2015. So you're the highland? What's he got going on? What's you know what's happening with that? He's asking about servicing and maintenance. And which what? What? We think he should do. Got any opinions, guys. General maintenance? Well, yes. General maintenance. What year is it? You should call any one of us, right? 2015 Highland. You know he's driving. One of them boiled one of the more reliable cars ever built. And really, you know, we always talk about it on the air is, you know you've got that owner's manual got the factory recommended. Maintenance schedule. Just stick to it. If you're in New York City, um You know you really want to stick to the severe maintenance schedule, but that you know you've gotta win there, man. That thing's amazing vehicle it. It's it'll last for a very long time. If you just Play the papers, they say in the music business. Just do do what it says in the manual. Yeah, except maybe for the transmission. It wasn't that whole thing Jeff about if you got 100,000 Mile car and the transmission shifting well, but the manufacturer's saying you need to change the fluid. You might. You might want to think about that. Yeah, It was definitely something that's not cut and dry. It's something that you need to look at what the current condition of the fluid is, and if it's clean, then you could do a service. If it's already started to burn, or you're having a condition I would recommend, you know, addressing that people make the make they make the mistake all the time on my transmission just started slipping and let me go get the fluid and filter changed. It sounds as being like, Yeah. That's the biggest mistake any. Yeah, that's the biggest mistake. Anybody can make. The other one I think is, you know if it were a full if it were a full wheel drive, I would make ah, whole bunch of different recommendations. In comparison to the two wheel. The two wheel is very. It's a non complicated front wheel drive vehicle, but when they make those vehicles four wheel drive, it becomes a very complicated system that has some specific issues that we Have information on you know Yeah. I mean, it is like Mike, you were saying? It's like you do wanna mean you follow the factory, uh, maintenance schedule, but at the same time you want to consult with somebody that you trust t maintain your vehicle because there are special conditions like let's say You're the person with the Highlander that's regularly towing a boat. There might be a different recommendation from from, you know the place that's normally maintaining your vehicle. So, um No. You follow the factory recommended Pair schedule but then also listened to people. You trust that? No. Um a little bit more than just the factory. The then the owners man. I agree with everything you said David, except I want to Okay. You said the biggest mistake anybody could make the biggest mistake any motors can make is not to the listen to this show. Okay, Okay. All right, all right. Not that we're you know. S o. If you listen to this show, then you'll know what mistakes not to make right. That's true. Speaking of mistakes, you know, go ahead. And I'm sorry I was going to say, since Eric is already on Facebook and auto lab radio. He knows how to reach us all or reach Jaffer. Whoever because everybody's information is pinned to the top of the page there. So thanks for doing that this week, and I noticed that I appreciate it has problems as he told all this friends to tune it. That's right. Well, everybody's got a like us on Facebook and tell your friends But speaking of mistakes there, Speaking of mistakes, I was talking with a customer this week on she was Quite distraught that she followed. You know, she, you know, read consumer reports and she, uh, she she went for the you know, the most reliable the best and everything and in its class. And she bought it. And it turns out that her family doesn't fit in the car. And she was quite she bought the vehicle and she said well, but it was the best car out there and Robert say, sit in the car front in the car, you know, she said, But she did She like just had this. She was so excited about buying one of the best cars in its class. That she just didn't do the math with with the two child seats..

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