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The Harvard. I'm Mark Williams on talkradio six eighty WCBS not the best we can for outdoor plans, but it's not a complete washout either. Lots of clouds today in a few showers seventy two today. Tomorrow's cloudy with scattered showers. Seventy six and more scattered showers some plunder on Sunday, seventy two the high and Kerry Smith from the Weather Channel for talk radio. Six eighty WCBS by Hampton by Hilton the key to every great road trip a full tank gas and full stomachs. And when you stay at any one of Camden by Hilton's twenty four hundred locations you can start every day with three hot breakfast. Book your next stay now at Hampton dot com. Now. Keeping you connected with the latest news. This is talk radio six eighty and wcbMcom. Good morning live with the WCBS news news coming up on seven thirty two. Brought to you by new era health plans to get accustomed quote. Call seven two four two two eight seventy one eighty seven or go to new era health plans, not calm day. Low and Baltimore killings ends with five dead and five injured since Tuesday thirty one gun shots fired in one incident leaving four shot one of them. Dead. Baltimore's fire chief working on providing more time medic units and controlling overtime cost to conditions to city council. Demand before approving the department's budget more than one hundred families to begin moving out of Gilmore homes public housing in may to clear the way for demolition under a plan to address crime in the west Baltimore neighbor. Hood cash. Tolls on.

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