Pera Chain, ECU discussed on The Let's Talk Bitcoin Network - #199 Peter Czaban: Polkadot - The Internet of Blockchain Networks


And then often what we also distinguished which could be the a another type of pera chain which are a breach chains so chains that are independent but yet are connected to the on the poles cut a network so the pera chase our arts forty reliant on the relay chain for it to provide the consensus the dan so basically uh they can have all sorts of different characteristics they might be an easy catch like pera chain orasje room like are changing or diseases like our trainers some other type of pera chain so those are the things that actually provide the functionality relate chain than holds them answer enables agitators to know how to validate those different chains and ensures that they can communicate with each other and that there are there are still does breach should breached a chase so connected by a bridges which which do not really a rely on the on the bulk of the network to provide that consensus so for is or something like ecu already has its own minor network or something i bitcoin any doesn't need to any other consis records him if he just needs at this ability to cook communicate so in this case of are kind of less likely coupled and they are also possible so those are the kind of may structural elements it would there be an incentive or would it be possible i mean of outside of community and governance issues to port an existing chain like bitcoin or theory am to use the uh the the the the polkadot a.

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