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All right. Field Yates alshon Jeffery or Michael Crabtree Michael Crabtree Crabtree I'll show on Jeffrey or Chris Hogan's defined you HOGAN, Chris, HOGAN. I agree with both of you guys out on Jeffrey or Robert woods, Robert woods, I'll show Jeffrey or manual. Sanders Emmanuel Sanders I'll show on Jeffrey or marquee Goodwin field because I know has to find Sean Jeffrey. Wow. What feels down one game? Yeah, I know. I'm good. Good number one receiver who's healthy? Yeah. Wow. Feeling. That out Sean Jeffrey or Corey Davis. The unproven Corey Davis Jeffrey, but it's close. It's class. I, I'm Corey Davis, but it's very close. Yeah. So I mean, they, they haven't mean so we have a number of players that are going being drafted behind Sean Jeffrey, that the group as a whole would prefer to Albion Jeffrey. So something to be aware of f you're drafting soon keeps getting. Yeah, is good ones going is moving receiver. Thirty Davis is going to wide receiver thirty one. Let's move along here to Jeffrey Devon punches out Sean, Jeffrey. I might take dove and funches. I like lunches a lot. This year. Devante Parker is up next to find ya. He's got a broken finger. He went up be ready for week one right concern level at two. It's this and it's other things, right? It's the player and the injury history. He's not even catching passes yet. He can't catch a ball yet. You can insert. I'm just curious. I'm just curious. I wanted to secret squirrel, this eight. Who do you think we've been waiting on longer? Is it devante Parker, Eric Brown? Literally, just said to Keith, he is the Iraq Iran of wide receivers. That's what he is every year. There's so much going on around. I know everyone just half the half, the fantasy football industry, just dust off their twenty fifteen devante Parker breakout your column and just updates the dates, maybe updates. The stats does over year every year. Waiting in devante Parker. You're gonna wait, we we should be a play waiting for devante weight again, say, there you go. I think Eric Brown who's been a, he's been a bigger bust secret, Eric Brunner devante Eric Hebron only because drafting a tight end that position that high in the draft, the NFL draft needs to be such a big hit wide receiver, unfortunately, have bus at their, and it seems like it's happened more often. But and devante Parker had moments of productivity in the NFL as well. I agree with your line Bron caught five passes last week from Andrew. For touchdown, Matthew, there you draft him, you draft your team. So by your concern levels too, on devante Parker, it is. And by the way that we all agree, Kenny stills give me Danny amendola dole Cameron meredith's. Define you. Warling saints. We know that last year he missed the tire season because that knee injury intriguing player, though he is and a lot of upside if he can get healthy, I'm just concerned. This was more than a sale is a CRM sale. Combined injury. The we know the story about the the bears had no interest in matching offered. They let him go to the saints. I think the saints thought that he could be ready by the start of the season, and we have seen him in a game, but he still, he's still not quite there to me and the injury risk for him. I think it's not just that he had this injury. It's if he's not really a hundred percent and he's playing that offense. I just don't have the confidence for him right now. So I read him as a two out of three intriguing player. As we've noted a couple times on the podcast was plenty of upside for number to pass. Catcher in new world with drew Brees. Although there are a lot of other guys, they're Ted Ginn who have certainly made it impact there that maybe were not quite totally sold. The camera has his job unto himself..

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