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I it is a hair wash. Well no it's got out there. Oh god i used to fall asleep in the shower in high school. What a lot of questions this did. You have a bench in the shower or you'd fall asleep standing no i. I had od'd sleep patterns. And so i would get in the shower would remember getting in the shower and i would wake up like on the on the ground in the shower. Just kinda like warm and comfortable. Wow i laid out. I've never done that tone zone fallen asleep in the shower. No fallen asleep in the shower. I i will admit that. I have laid down shower before not with the not with the intent of sleeping just like just because i'm gonna need a little more just like a is. There are times when either. Like maybe i was sick or just like was just tired but needed a shower or like there. There are times. I take showers. I don't even necessarily think i need it. And maybe maybe i should say that as living in california where it hasn't rained since march. But it's just the truth Sometimes it's all like a relaxing thing as well. It's nice case. Do you have a bathtub. Yes but you prefer. Face priceless patriots dot com slash alison. Rosen shook so confused so okay now. I understand not taking a bath. Because i don't like i also don't like bass i've tried so many times i just i just it's just not my thing can't fit in a bath. Well it sounds like tony would like a bath. But he's instead having bath experience in the shower. Yeah i i. I will say i've taken more babs during the last seven months. Then i probably have the rest of my life combined. It which is not very high but you know nothing else right. there's nothing but Yeah i much prefer a shower. Because i think you know the thing everybody says this about bats just seems kind of gross to me like you're just kind of sitting in the water with your your filth king..

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