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Make my texassuperfood from fifty five raw vine ripened fruits and vegetables you can see all 55 on texassuperfood dot com all of their nutrient that we need on a daily basis allah fifty pounds i mean that's i've been on who i haven't been sick i'm dennis black join us on texassuperfood dot com texassuperfood dot com or call eight seven seven fifty five texas that's eight hundred seven fifty five texas eight seven seven five five texas angie's list is collected millions of verified reviews of local home service providers and now they're free for everyone to read angie's list makes it easy for you to find topquality service writers in your area for any type of home project search for a great pro in your area or lety angie's list instantly match you to a few who can do the job to get the most reviews from real customers paul for free go to angieslistcom today indeed the no it is this with the invaders are out of control in america right now having been emboldened by the a legitimate democrat party and i call him an illegitimate party for one reason i never voted for them not in the my current life i don't know anyone in california who votes for them and without the s e iu governor brown never would have been back in the governorship this state would have some representation for those of us who don't like the democrats socialist party there's a oneparty state in new york a oneparty state in california oneparty state in many of these states where the illegal aliens have been permitted to vote in is going to get even worse we have a dmv here the department of mexican voting of call the for ten years you thought i was wrong huh now the illegitimate i in sacramento on the gap governor moonbeam are suggesting that when an illegal goes and gets a driver's license they're automatically registered to vote if you want mexico in america you've got it right now.

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