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I wear a mask still have read rothbart to me. The most important vetting is fine people. If not guy for a long time you know find out you know and that means that basically. You're you've got a sponsorships. The other thing that i would do is record. Who's sponsoring whom and when somebody is outed as a thad who introduced that person. What were they based up. What's wrong with their judgment or what's wrong with them. But isn't there a be thereof fed but isn't it a good thing to be welcoming and bring new people into a community won't be welcoming but it we just don't want infiltrators sign a form that says they're not a cop or an informant. Doubt that won't be you agree. That won't be extremely helpful. Generally what you want. Is you want an inner church in an outer church. Okay and the socialists. Did this very effectively using the labor movement where they pulled a lot of people into the labor movement. Okay they let the labor movement be mostly self-financing okay and then they recruited from within the labor movement The people who they who were hard core socialists and the people who could be convinced to become hardcore socialist. This is more or less. What am caps have. Been doing with the libertarian. Party from there could be a vip area. Exactly what who you bring into your inner circle is different from who you bring into the wider organization. That's how cell based organizations work. You know where the other thing is. You don't necessarily have to advertise your affiliations to everyone and so four. One one is working on a software approach to this. Watch fight club. You'll get some good ideas about. How did he. This show i wrote about the unorganized delicious. You don't talk about the unorganized militia. Like me you happen. To be running the unorganized militia. Scwhab score you just heard highlights from the latest episode of free talk live you can download full episodes. Subscribe to our podcast. Listen live and more all for free at freetalklive dot com..

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