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Asked Dell and speak to a Dell Technologies advisor today. Marking, Rob show. I'm rob Producer Jacobs here. Big Nige. Yeah, man in for, uh, who's the who go to the show With Mark vacation again? God bless her real competition between you and her. That's not get me started or hammer started or you started for that matter. Hey, So we're gonna get to this new poll on aliens in a moment, but I was reading this article from Chicago business. And it's about the trouble that subway appears to be in and it's interesting stats because it was at one point subway, and I think it is still one of the largest fast food operations in The entire world. But But, man, there was a period there in the mid two thousands, where they were just popping up on every corner. It was like it seemed like all you know, there were three subways in every town. It seemed like at one point There's an owner of large franchises subways that lives in Fort Wayne to Yeah, and now they're saying a rough year last year night 1600 net locations, closed 18% drop in profits. And the story goes into why they think it might be, and one of the things they speculate is it's a lack of detective. Technologically. They haven't kept up with the other fast food chains. Specifically, only one intense subways has a drive through. Yeah, I don't go to the drive through when I go to subway like my if I'm looking for a sub, whether it's Jimmy John's and Jersey Mike's or subway, I want to see that crab maiden person. Yeah, because there's so much that goes on it, right, right. It's not a double. No onion, right? Exactly right. I would think competition has to be pretty stiff out there. There's a lot of good. I mean, I just mentioned a couple of them Jersey mikes and, uh, that's my favorite. I mean, I'll go to Subway is one of boom village I go to all the time you got a jersey mikes around you. Well, it's in. It's in Michigan Road for 21. They're a little bit, uh, on the sugar and caramel. Okay, Um Hell, even which witch? Probably my favorite. They're They're probably the best. They've got close and Avon so I would assume it's just competition wise. It's It's tough out there and they're not like on the forefront of the apps and deliveries, and people don't want to get out of their cars and come in. I'm the exact opposite. Like I said you and I said, Like, I want to see my subway made in front of me in front of my eyes, But people want to get out of the cars. Very few offer delivery, So it really is a dinosaur in approach to technology in the way people are now consuming food and having things delivered. To them. But Jacob, you were telling me that there's both the ones near you have a drive thru? I've only seen one or two ever that have a drive through. It just opened one in Greenwood near Valley Vista, and that one has a drive through and then the one near my wife's parents' house that has a drive through as well. It's interesting yet none of the ones in Brownsburg have a drive through. We were pondering off air Nige. Is the Jared Fogle saga to blame for any of this coming when your spokes God I mean, I know Subway. Doesn't you know that didn't have anything to do with what he did, But let's face it. When your spokes guy who your entire company is based around goes down in flames. It can't help for kiddie porn. Of course, that can't help that that old saying about all press is good press Now I don't know how he's a play. Uh, it's been a while. I think that's guys he's out of the lexicon. But it is funny how people think of Jared in subway and what the associated with and I was golfing with some people over the weekend down in Columbus and Guy had never met before. He's an orthopedic surgeon down there. Named Eric. Um you have some well off friends. I need to be more best guys. You dude has got my my buddy. My Spencer Thompson. He owns Thompson Furniture in Columbus. Sponsored the Hammer. Nigel Show That's right. Tempera Pedic bed changed my life man starts golfing with him and some of his buddies. And this guy Eric is was at one point the number one wrestler in the country in Khalid Collegiate, Like a five time All American wrestled from Michigan, and now he's an orthopedic surgeon down in Columbus. Think about think about that force of their There's successful mattress store over there's orthopedic surgeon Nigel the other guy whose assignment lawyer natural seriously, that says, And so But anyway, it's funny who they is Kind of. Like I said, I'm for I I introduced myself and my agent from you know yes. Where it's from Zionsville. Eric got this kind of quizzical look on this race is like Zionsville that were Jared from subway lives. Show just laughed and shook my head. I go. Yeah. I mean, he did live there. At one point. He's in federal prison. I think it's just funny How people associate like I I don't want to be known for the town that once housed Jared from Subway. You know, Mike Pence of the former VP also lives in science, Eric Rate. Uh so I don't know. Jared Ruland subway or No, I don't think it's ruined. I think, um, Maybe it's just some of the stores weren't performing successfully. And the competition is fierce. Yeah, it'll be interesting because they're rebranding these stores again read it, and And so we'll see. I mean, it really is interesting how technology and we are so lazy now that our unwillingness to walk in a restaurant started to put stores up, But that's that's right, because I think of subway kind of down here on this level, But I think a jersey mix like kind of up above that. And which which and, uh, even even Jimmy John's, um and what? I'll go to subway just because the convenience because it's near me, but I do have to get out of the car. Yeah, I I've often found. I don't know how you feel about this. But the lines in the drive throughs are so long sometimes it's just faster to go in. Absolutely Yep, There's almost no line anymore in places. Uh, UFOs. Where are you at on the UFOs. Alright. My thing with the UFOs is I haven't seen a clear picture of a UFO. It's It's all like the Bigfoot stuff. I know there's that tick tack footage that the air Force took or the Navy took the drone looking thing going above the ocean with no wake below it, and it was moving at rapid speeds and I've seen all that stuff. My thing is, I think it's I think it's human technology. I mean, you will go back and watch documentaries about how the B two stealth bomber was made and all the technology they were using back in the fifties. And I'm looking at those things and how they were being built. I'm like whoa, They had that back in the fifties. They had that kind of stealth technology. They had that kind of wherewithal and ability back in the 19 fifties. Imagine how far it's come. Yeah. So, a new Pew research poll says. 65% say there is intelligent alien life on planets other than Earth and 87%. This was interesting. 87%. These people clearly haven't seen Independence Day, said UFOs under security threat to the U. S. So Am I am sold on.

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