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Saying you suck. It's embarrassing you go ahead like sometimes when I get nervous my I will start watering like. I don't think there's odd again. That's probably pretty normal. I mean your systems fired up and is probably trying to clear themselves right. Maybe you know I mean. I'm just speculating. Maybe people will message me after this. This podcast that happens to me you and I'll feel better like I'm sure doesn't sound that odd. That's certainly not embarrassing so I don't know why embarrassed by eyes watering if you're nervous thanks for being here really appreciate it. I am super at always happy to come. Well we've been talking and we've been talking about immune systems and this is one of the main things I wanted to talk to you about. What are these trick is always hearing is shelter in place? Where Mask don't touch anybody? Don't go outside but we're not hearing. What can you do to strengthen your immune system and I think as a public health public service health thing. This is one of the most important things that I think you can really focus and concentrate on an actual thing that you could be proactive about during this weird time. Yeah well definitely I think focusing on on you know lifestyle factors that you can you know possibly modulate your immune system and strengthen it is is important. What's interesting is that the immune system is doing just so much of course the past couple of months. I've been nothing but like reading about the immune system and trying to understand. Of course this new virus ours co two But I've just learned so much You know over the past couple of months and not an immunologist not an infectious disease expert. So you know. While I've had some training in all G I definitely didn't know don't know everything. There is to know but what you know doing some reading about like why are people's immune systems so different like. That's not the big thing like when you take like a young population as you get older. Your immune system does decline. I mean there's lots of changes that occur but like in general like people have different immune systems. And what's interesting is that there's been tons of like genetic studies done on like you know identical twins and they're followed over time and what's found. Is that genetic is not the major regulator of immune function Something in the environment and what this is what surprised me and I know it's not totally going to answer your question. But will we totally get to that? But the main one of the main things besides age that regulates immune system is like previous exposure to viruses like so I thought that was really interesting and in particular one one virus. The SCIATIC MEGA VIRUS SAMBI. Did you know between fifty to eighty percent of the? Us population has at least by the time they're like an adult has it permanently or I think it's a it's a virus so it's a lifelong thing and this is why it basically so it it. It changes your immune system. What are the symptoms of most people? That are healthy. Don't ever know they have it because there's no symptoms. Yeah unless you're immuno-compromised but most people that are healthy. They don't know that they're infected with say it again. What does it decide Omega? It's cmv sounds like something Godzilla fights there. It is so when so intrigue. But here's the interesting thing about this virus. Is that it. So this is one of the major things. Multiple studies have been looking at you know just immune variability and it's like cmv's been identified in multiple studies and the thing that the reason it got me interested. Because I was like eighty almost eighty percent. I could have right totally. Have it and it changes the immune function. It's totally different between young and old so so when you're younger and if you have it It actually enhances immune function so. They've done studies where like they they have given people influenza vaccine and oftentimes these vaccine studies are used to kind of test the immune response and like how. You're how robust your immune responses. Because you're you're given a vaccine and there's all different types of scenes pieces of an antigen or all different types of ways that you can you expose someone to Bacteria or virus but You have a response to it and the response is you know. Involves your adaptive immunity. You make what's called neutralizing. Antibodies that you know. Basically eventually buying the virus neutralize it prevent pregnant from entering the cell so people that have. Cnbc their young have a really robust response to the vaccine. Much better but older people have the complete opposite where it's like you know. Delete -arious and the reason for that scientists think is because basically this virus it's stuck with you lifelong and kind of reactivates every few years and like every time it reactivates it kind of trains. Your T. cells which are part of your immune system to to become focused on that. Cmv and so as you get older your your t cell population becomes more focused on fighting that virus and less so on other viruses that you're exposed to but this is a virus doesn't have any symptoms most healthy people don't have any symptoms with it. I know it's really weird so what. I'm wondering and the reason I'm even like going here at and it has nothing to do with you know taking vitamin C. or zinc and we can talk about that stuff and Vitamin D. But I just thought it so damn interesting because we hear all these stories in the news where you know some people are a symptomatic. Some people are you know. Some people are just really getting hard hit and these people. Let's say they're more age matched right. We know that elderly people are more prone to severe form. But it just made me think what if this you know. Previous previous viral exposure to something like. Cmv is kind of like also kinda shaping people's immune responses in some way. Surely people are going to be looking looking at that but I just thought that was a really interesting thing. Come across you know and then the other sort of on the same on the same along the same lines. As previous previous virus exposure is like something. That really seems to be something. That is a main regulator of how people like how your immune what your immune response is and so. You mean by how many times you've caught the flu. How many times you've whether you respond to it you know. Yeah I mean like you if you get. The flu is not. Is it like a three day kind of thing or is it gonNA knock you out for two weeks kind of thing? That's what I mean right so I mean if you if you get a sample like they're spending these ciro surveys where they basically that just means they. They'll they'll get a sample of plasma and look for different. Antibodies viral antibodies. And they'll find at any given points. A person has antibodies against ten different viruses. Just randomly you know. So you're you're constantly being exposed viruses. You're not always just don't succumb to them right. You're not always getting sick and so You know like another really interesting kind of thing is like you know there's so the SARS Cov virus It's part of a family of of current Iris's called the Beta Corona viruses. So harsh cove won the virus that was responsible for the original outbreak in two thousand and two or something. The mayor's one in the Middle East and then there's two different ones that are responsible for the common cold now. Corona viruses are only responsible between fifteen to thirty percent of common cold cases. So it's not like the common cold is is illness you get but there's lots of different viruses that can cause it. But what's interesting is that. There's been studies showing that these two. Beta by that are responsible for some of the common cold cross-react with So there's one that cross reacts with the SARS cove one which has very very the sequence is very homologous to Sarcoma virus and It's also been shown that the SARS Cov antibodies against the stars Cope. One can neutralize the common cold one. So there's cross immunity happening between these other viruses right and so there's been some studies by the CDC on SARS Cov to where they found basically That people that are infected with SARS co ff to also boost their antibodies against the common cold. One so you know. There's there's certainly I think a good hypothesis to be made that could potentially one or two of these common cold viruses could antibodies. You make against them could also somehow. Maybe maybe you know interact with the SARS virus neutralize it. I mean that's a big open question. That seems possible without. We don't have an answer to that. I think we will like. There's large there's large scale. Ciro surveys being done. I know at least three that I think his name is Dr Michael Bush's at UCSF. He's like he's he's doing like really large surveys where they're they're going to be analyzing. Sierra from people from like you know blood donors and stuff and like following over the course of several years to see you know just basically understand more thou- now what is the speculation if there's any sort of uniform speculation as to why you when you hear about prisons where a lot of these prisoners. I don't know if you've seen the video going around where one prisoner had Sars SARS cove to and covert one thousand nine hundred and spitting into a cup and then passing it around to all these other inmates so they could all get it so that they get released. So these 'cause they're releasing people especially California which is so wacky they're releasing sex offenders and there's been some really high profile releases of these horrible people that should be in jail probably forever. They're releasing them. It's like it it's really disturbing. But what would cause other than something like that? What would cause all these prisoners to not just be positive that makes sense but to all be a symptomatic. Is there any speculation as to why these large groups there was another one? That was a meat packing plant. Where most of the people were awesome dramatic as well. I wasn't I wasn't aware of the meatpacking one being matic but I did read about the one in prison and it was like blowing my mind like what's going on like that's insane. It's kind of like you read these stories. So so this is like there's one thing that it's important to keep in mind when we say hey symptomatic like you know there's a symptomatic in like a person that never actually get symptoms right and then there's a so there was a study done at the CDC a month ago maybe a little more where they measured like They did it. They did this national fair and jail swab test in a nursing home. Seventy something people and Thirteen of them tested a symptomatic like they had no symptoms but they tested positive but then they went back a week. Later and ten of those people had symptoms three racism dramatic. So and less. Like there's another like if you test someone and there is some dramatic at that time testing. That could be pre-symptomatic right in other words like you have to go back a week later and see if they have symptoms because that that's really important so so let's say even sixty percent were dramatically. I don't know if they went back and tested a week later. It was just like a single time. But that's what that's what this is. What got me thinking about this whole thing was you know in in the prisons and jails. I mean they're in close quarters and you got one virus that someone's exposed you and they all get it right so like what? If there's I don't know the percentage there but what if the krona viruses are going around there what if what if you know some some common cold krona viruses gone around and that those antibodies that they've made to neutralize that Beta coronavirus helping with the SARS cove to like love to see that tested to immunize people vaccinate people. When they go to jail. I was trying to figure that out as well because like the tuberculosis but one of the types of vaccines do for TB like Japan and some other countries where they've got a really low Death rate and so there that's test that's a clinical trial. That's now going on where they're trying to test. But I was trying to figure out your explanation because I would imagine it'd be simple for them to do that. You're entering into prison. They vaccinate you just to. I couldn't come to an answer. I was searching for that. The Internet is trying to figure that out but I think that's also a really good. I mean there's a ton of theories right I mean just you could go on and on and on but the whole thing that I just think that I would like to see more research and I'm just hoping that CD and other people are investigating these these other the crossing unity right like if there's if there's antibodies that you're making against another corona virus. Beta coronavirus in the same family as this one no one's had served one in the United States. That one doesn't that that's not as relevant as the common cold. That's that's very common. So you know. If fifteen thirty percent of the common cold is composed of chronic viruses..

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