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The spurs I assume are in your easiest calls. That's correct. Let's transition then to easiest calls and sell me on what I presume is a spurs over because the line is so low and you're gonna tell me that pop is gonna squeeze every ounce out of this group where I guess Trey Jones is the only traditional point guard on the roster and we're gonna see a lot of point primo going on would sell me on how that is gonna work offensively. I mean, I love the cell, Kelvin Johnson just rampaging to the rim, shot to three pretty well the last couple of years love him. But the lack of a primary creator, I feel any faith that makes me wanna actually go under despite the fact that this line is so abysmally low. So sell me KP. Yeah, I mean, I think that in San Antonio's desire to have the number one pick this year, probably the two reasons that this low. I mean, the cell starts, like I said, with the stat about teams that have totals that low actually tend to go over the comfortable majority of the time that there's something about this that, you know, the market isn't quite able to correct assess correctly, even though we know some team is going to win 20 games. It's probably going to be a team that has a lot of injuries, not necessarily whoever projects is the worst on paper. And I don't think San Antonio has the least talent in the league. They have maybe the least exciting talent because kelton Johnson and Jacob Bertel, those aren't guys who are going to be developing into all stars down the line the way that we hope that Houston's young players are going to do or Detroit's Oklahoma cities. But today other than shake Gilbert's Alexander, those guys are better than the players on those teams. And unless they just don't play a lot of minutes, I think they're going to be okay. The other piece of this is, Trader Joe's actually played pretty well last season as a starter for them down the stretch. I don't think he's obviously one of the weaker starting point guards in the league, but I think it's the lack of a point guard besides him that's the issue more than trade Jones himself. Fair. I tip my cap. A starting 5 with the cell, Kelvin Johnson, and Jacob pearl shooting 30% from the line, but let's just leave that aside. I mean, that's like your 60% of the way towards what we will call a competent NBA starting 5. Maybe Trey Jones is one of the other two, maybe Josh primo is along with trade Jones or separately, maybe so hand the kid from the kid they just drafted to do everyone says I'm gonna love a fascinating thing about sohan. I didn't see their game yesterday, but I saw the highlights and he seems to be leaning totally into the Dennis Rodman comparison in terms of hair color. He's wearing number ten for the spurs, and also seems to be wearing shorts the same size as Dennis Rodman's were in 1995. I'm all for everything you just said. I'm all the spurs are gonna win 35 games. I'm in. They're gonna fail to tank. They're too good. That's it. Okay, give me another one of your easy calls. Well, I also had in here another team you mentioned in that group. The Indiana Pacers at 23 and a half also isn't over. Last season, they won 25 games, and I think that's a big reason that they're total was so low as people are looking at this as saying, well, they're not as good as they were last year. We got to subtract from where they were last year. But their Pythagorean record was actually a much more respectable 32 and 50. So in terms of caliber of play, they've got more room to go down to 20. First it might be the first Pythagoras, the Greek, the Greek mathematician, Pythagoras. Yeah, I believe so, yeah. On this pocket, what's the Pythagorean triangle? Is that the same as the three, four, 5 triangle? That is an example. I mean, old triangles, I think are all right triangles. Yeah, let's try and go Pythagorean. Yeah, I think. Boy oh boy. I just know, you know what I know about math now in the year 2023 removed from getting a three on my AP calculus exam in 1995, a test that I bombed so badly. I just drew a picture for one of the answers because my case of senioritis was so severe. The word isosceles is really, really fun. I saw Solis, good word. Good word. I would agree with you. Also, vertical angles are congruent is just a critical step in any geometric proof. I still think about vertical angles are congruent. Okay, what can we talk about the pacers? This is a case of just if they trade healed and Turner or one of them, I just think they're going to be terrible. I mean, they just don't have a lot of, I mean, I love Halliburton. He's going to be in my 5 most intriguing players column. How early they trade one of those guys? Because if it's February, that just can't have that much effect on your record, whereas if it's December 15th, it can do a lot more. Look, whether they're really bad, kind of bad, unwatchable, bad. They're going to be bad. So that's great. You went over on the pacers. You've predicted them to win between 24 and 28 games. Congratulations, grow the corn, awesome pacers win. Let's go, can you pick an interesting team now? Apologies to the pacers. Again, tyreese, I just talked to Rick Carlisle three hours ago about tyrese Halliburton. He's going to be in a column next week or whatever it's coming out. Interested in the pacers just not right now. Before the geometry teachers come after me, it's a right triangle that the Pythagorean theorem applies to. It's strictly right triangles. I did have that somewhere deep in the recesses of my brain. Well, I think there's a couple of these that are probably on both of our lists. And I guess let's go with the Toronto Raptors, a line of 45 and a half wins. Bang thee over. I couldn't throw my loonies in my Tunis. My fake loonies and toonies on that one enough, I just I frankly just don't understand how it's 45 and a half. The raptors want 48 games last year. I think there were 18th in offense in 9th on defense. They gradually ascended to become the kind of defense just hellacious, switching, mean, taking the ball from you like a schoolyard bully, you know, winning the turnover battle game, winning the offensive rebounding game on the other end to overall win the possession, just nasty.

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