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Now by going to fox news podcasts dot com America is listening to fox news more Confederate monuments have come tumbling down overnight in the nation's capital a statue of general Albert pike was brought down and burned in Raleigh North Carolina two Confederate statues were toppled and then dragged through the streets one was brought to the steps of the county courthouse momentum is growing on Capitol Hill to make June nineteenth or Juneteenth a federal holiday Senate Republican Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee supports that I think it's a good idea and I understand that senator Cornyn is working on legislation and will look forward to seeing that when he gets it finished Juneteenth marks the day in eighteen sixty five when black slaves in Texas learned they were freed the occasion has been a state holiday in Texas since nineteen eighty eight another heaping helping of politics from a pair of famous ice cream makers Ben and Jerry's pledging its support for de funding the police in a post on Juneteenth the holiday commemorating the end of slavery in the U. S. the company sharing an illustration of ice cream that being taken from a ball labeled U. S. police budget going to other bowls labeled job training education and mental health counseling affordable housing and substance abuse treatment reps caption in part it's more important than ever that we dismantle the racist in an effective model of American policing the post comes amid protests in the wake of George Floyd's death and ongoing calls for law enforcement reform Christine good when fox news spike in cases of the corona virus have apple closing some stores again the tech giant says will close nearly a dozen stores to around Naples Florida to near Charlotte North Carolina two in Greenville South Carolina and six in Arizona apple taking the steps out of an abundance of caution fox is Hillary Barsky the stores had only.

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