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Of the Astros game can even be found as far back as nineteen hundred carried out by a Philadelphia Phillies backup catcher named Morgan Murphy they put a box underneath the third base coaching box and it was charge so that there was a of a line that went from that box all the way underground in back of the outfield fence were Morgan Murphy had a hole in the fence with a little telescope and he was stealing signs and he would basically shop the third base coach and it's not just baseball examples of unfair play have been uncovered in the ancient Olympics pro football cycling knowledge basketball even the Boston Marathon when Rosie Ruiz won the race after sneaking out to the course about a mile from the finish line people get a cheaters Hari when they out smart as system Maurice writes their research is deception and sheeting for pens Wharton school of business he blames the Astros scandal and other episodes of cheating on an obsession with winning or where we're going cons the key objectives other things become secondary and the accolades people get your story they value reading and they're gonna cut corners in in other ways but while cheaters have been found out from biblical times all the way up to the Super Bowl era then Nick believe they haven't learned their lesson it seems to me that instead of saying that cheaters never prosper we should be saying that cheaters often prosper and that's the big question for a lot of people with this World Series title in wanting Major League Baseball to put an asterisk or do something about.

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