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Savage Nation, Brian Sussman filling in always a pleasure to get behind this microphone a lot of people are contacting me via Facebook, Brian Sussman show, Michael Savage is back next week. And by the way, you can sign up for his podcast head of time. Just go to Michael Savage dot com for all of that. So okay, I left you hanging and I wanna follow up with this. They're actually three female senators in the news, and we'll get to all of these kennel Harris. She's our newly she's our newly elected Senator here in California. She took over from Barbara Boxer. I've been watching her for a long time member when she was the DA in San Francisco, then she became the attorney general in California. And now, she's the Senator she wants to run for president. I'll tell you what I hope becomes a scandal with her situation, Elizabeth Warren. Of course, we all know, Elizabeth she's from Massachusetts. And she wants to be president as well. There was a time when she was just a rockstar. Of the democrat party. But I think this native American has backfired with her so. I just think that's hilarious. I'll get to that. And then we have let me see Kirsten gillibrand. Kirsten gillibrand. She's the democrat Senator from New York, so. She came out with a tweet. She said our future is female intersectional. Powered by our belief in one another hour just getting started. So I looked at that. I've tried I figure, you know, kind of been around the block, I think I know what's going on these days. I live in San Francisco. But the intersectional thing just puzzled me, I did not know what this meant. So I'm on my broadcast in San Francisco this morning and my side kickin, Katie green. We're talking about this. And I'm like, Katie what is this being intersectional? Katie's I have no idea. So she starts researching online. She can't find it can't go. Get a definition we can wrap our brains around. So then we get a caller. The collar guys says got you. You guys are so out of it. The caller said I learned about intersectional relations back in. Back twenty years ago. When I went to UCSE UCSE is university California's Santa Cruz, arguably the most liberal university in the country. University of California Santa Cruz. I would say it may be the most liberal, but arguably one of the top three or four and they're very proud of that. So this person explained intersectional to me like this. If you are a white if you are a white Christian male. Okay, you're on the bottom of the heap. So in other words, anything you say is pretty much going to be disregarded. Now, if you're a white male who's gay, okay, you're going to rise up quite a bit white male who's gay. If you are a black woman, who's a lesbian. Oh, now, your voice is going to be hurt even more. Okay. Let's add another layer to this. Now. Now now now, you're a minority immigrant who is also LGBTQ whatever. Okay. Now, we're going to listen to you. See what I'm saying here. Okay. Now, we can even throw in. Let's throw in a disability and. And you've got a disease that prevents you from being able to walk. Oh, boy, we're going to listen to you even more. See this is how it works in the intersectional world. The more the more labels. You have the more important. Your voice becomes. So in other words, it's automatically designed to marginalize the white man, especially the white Christian male. If you're if you're a man who's Jewish show? We we might be elicited a little bit. You're mad is Muslim. Whoa. Okay. Well, we listen to you. That's good. It's good. But you see what I'm saying? So this is this inner sexual stuff. So when you get when you get New York Democrat gillibrand who wants to run for president saying our future is female intersectional. Powered by Burlington one another. We're just getting started look at everybody. I'm just telling you if you're a man, screw it. You're not female your better. Switch teams right now, buddy. Man, if you want to become intersectional. You gotta puts you gotta get some new labels. This is crazy stuff. It is crazy suffer. Sure. So we're talking about this on the Savage Nation. Now when we come back. Let's talk about that. We'll take your calls eight five five four hundred seven two eight two because I know a lot of you wanna pop off on that loves to talk about Elizabeth Warren. And how how much this DNA test is really hurt her. Then we're going to talk about what might be scandal regarding our Senator here in California, not die five, but to camera Harris all just ahead on the Savage Nation. Join the Savage Nation. Call now, eight five five four.

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