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You know berko found a way to snatch defeat from the jaws victory to back at saratoga when myself and plenty of other people needed him Freedom whiskey came up the inside and beat him at forty some onto one and then he came back and ran kind of a dull refined vinik each most of jimmy. Johns barn underperformed at belmont. They haven't really gotten going back up. So you want to be careful with all of these horses but at the same time you have to acknowledge that this source with his best efforts is just going to beat this field. I would say that if you're if you can afford it you want to include horse like spiritual king who's gonna be ridden aggressively from the outside. There's other speed but this is fast. And if barry peterson doesn't ask just in time for wine for speed out of the gate. I could see spiritual king having a very good trip. forward replaced. I think you probably have to include bielfeld who moved aggressively and early to back Faltered a little bit late but again it's a horse with some of his best efforts who can be competitive here as far as churchill goes. I really like these two races. They have in the the cross country sequence tomorrow the seventy six furlong race for fillies and mares optional. Claiming started allowance type. And you know i i. I'm always a little bit hesitant when it comes to backing a ten pound bugs but i think parking ticket had some things going for. She really had no shot with a trip. Last time ended up wide Didn't really make much of a late run. That was a day where you needed to be inside as you get most of those first few days of churchill in this fall me to back she ran a very good race to get up in time against similar keeneland. I think you're gonna get an inflated price on this where she was fired to one. Last time i think price is going to drift north of ten to one. And i definitely want to find a way you include her. I think you have to use. Just fly off the claim who's in very good form. Kissel is obviously dangerous. It looks like there could be a pace in here which means you probably want to consider cold into hair. Don't love cleaning tommy. But this is another horse very good form. Who really if she just duplicates her last race can win and go into that anchor. Leg of the sequence has a terrific race. And i like a couple of horses that are going to be good prices. I'm gonna use finite very well in the raven run. I think that one turn mile might ultimately be what she's absolutely perfect at distance wise. But i can't ignore whoa nelly and the too good races that will ellie ran at oaklawn earlier this year when taxi should have won the by a caller but joe rocco was just a little too aggressive in worrying about the front runners and gogel yourself ended up getting her late but i encourage anybody to give seminars on the outside of very very long look. This is a horse who was close to an extremely fast paced last time. Look through the chart and see where the horses that were placed in that race ended up finishing finishing and one of them was talked to me. So it's not as if there were a couple of big long shots that were setting that pace that ended up tiring late. Talk to me was basically the favorites as she was part of a couple of entry with gold standard to nina's was in there battling the entire way she was jammed inside ended up making a split midstretch it was race to completely collapsed so it had a huge outside flow to it and the want you finishers ended up coming from around the outside. They were last the next last down the backstretch. This is the epitome of a pace. Play that i wanna make. This is going to get a good trip stocking outside. I don't think the pace will be anything near what it was in that race. I think you've got risky. Mandate maybe and crazy sexy money will show some speed. But i could see some nina's getting an excellent trip from out there and i think she should be every every bit of fifteen to one or so and that spices up to sequence quite a bit and you know i. I touched on the presence. I mean. just the fact that Mccarthy it's very interesting what's happened in kentucky. In fact i you and i talked about it or if who had came up with A while back this of of california horsemen. Have you know kind of made things interesting. And then i. I mentioned this to marty. You know with the you know the horses the bill. Motte has got in kentucky and then chad brown sources in kentucky. It's really made for you. Know some some interesting malaj of horseflesh in these spots. It really has and i wondered who is conditioning. Some of these sources including that. Nice that nights richard baltimore sources name escapes me right now. It's a very short name like icon or or something like idol Who want to who want to one other than a couple of weeks ago. He broke his maiden in september. After debuting i believe on dirty day. Derby day on oaks day and you wanna mile and three sixteenths race and i think the clark might be a little tough but you know that's of course. I think who you could see in stakes races. If he ends up relocating to california. And yeah i i think the biggest surprise was all of it is that they've stayed. You know these sort. It's no surprise that these came over. In the spring you know in santa anita was getting towards the latter part of their meat. And then you've got the loselle portion of southern california racing. But yeah i mean. They're all there and unique factors and other examples. She's been in the midwest the entire season so mccarthy obviously has left the nina's churchill she's been training consistently i would guess with an eye on this subject Maybe a horse that they're looking forward to continuing to try around one turn. Maybe see if she can get some graded black kites and the to. Lucy was often a race where i remember in two thousand seventeen. I was churchill watching the breeders cup and it was a race where like six horses that ran in. It were entered in the sale because it was run on on breeders cup weekend but of course sales now happened. There are additional ones coming up. But i see this horse a really excelling..

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