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Give you the financial edge you deserve. It'll be Bronco basketball to start the second half. This is a sellout crowd. Despite the fact that school is not it's session and the Seahawks apply and the Seahawks are playing and that game. This ten six Cowboys started the third quarter taping it. You're kidding. I'm sorry. It's fine. Well, looking in the in the second half one player in particular, retain them navy talk about Tajdidi enough and he's been hot lately, and he has a points but on eleven shots so far. Let's see how he handles the pressure. You've been facing here. In the second hand Broncos. Roll out the ball with works Frankish. Josh Martin really Caruso at touch easy. Trae words defended by Zach Norville working off a screen set by Caruso getting in deep passage shot blocked, but Frank runs it down picked up by Taj between the legs with the dribble keeping it alive. Ten of a timer? Now nine opening minute of play first possession of the second half baseline drive for no breakage. It's not that of his hands by branded Clark last touched by the Broncos sophomore. And now the first possession for good. Anna turnover like that with the shot clock winding down is okay because it's a dead ball turnover. In the Broncos get set in their defense. Caracas racy back half court set here for the BULLDOGS Clark defended by Caruso, now a dribble. Handoff. Zach Norval looking back for kiss bird. Download it goes to Clark going up over Willie Caruso and a foul is called shots. No good and much. Like they started this game. Gonzaga's going to go to the line for googly Elmo or Willie. Standing straight up arm straight up Clark Johnson to him frustrated though at the other end, he caught it inside was patient. But put that patients did letting one defender fly by allow Brennan Clark whose hunting for blocked shots to come over and reject his shop branded Clark is sixty five percent foul shooter misses the first one so far in the Gaby's now three for five. So as he knocks down the second. It's fifty one twenty seven at Clark. Has a fourteen points BULLDOGS fifteen of eighteen from the line. Still not quite a bit by here in the second half. Josh Martin backing the gerbil finally gets the ball into the hands of trae words timer tray with his feet on the logo Tochigi right side. Lobbied side to was attended for Llosa Frankish, but hachi Mira got a fingertip on it. Now hachi working his way to the front court left elbow. Stop throws behind about half court to Perkins now hachi. Murrow up with words inside need some help curse trying to sag back to help as Perkins lobs it dot chie. Murrow turns.

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