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The republican tax bill is trouble ahead two republican senators now say they oppose the tax bill the way it's currently written correspondent suzanne malbo reports that bill is expected to be voted on by members of the budget committee the bill passes through committee today the tax plan could go up for a full vote on the senate floor this week where the only lose support of two republicans another former staffer of congressman john conyers as conyers made unwanted sexual advances toward her including inappropriate touching adding to the allegations by the other former employees who have lent their stories to the conyers troubles the annemari hurricana deputy chief staff who ran his downriver office for several years tells the detroit news that conyers mate unwanted advances toward her three times including running his hand upper dress and fighting her to his hotel room for sex conyers attorney says conyers denies the allegations kgb konomi is good but it could be even better according to lieutenant governor brian kelly running for governor kelly telling paul w that a major move he would do to create more jobs would create more qualified job seekers michigan k twelve than number one in the entire country forget about capped have but we need to make sure our kit are ready to go out there and compete and win in the twentyfirst century global academy with nathan progress since guilt trade but i wanna i wanna do much much more kelly's made opponent for the republican nomination is attorney general bill schutte today as the funeral for oakland county sheriff's deputy eric overall eleven o'clock at the mount zion church an independence township there'll be a private procession and it will follow for family in oakland county sheriff's office members overall was run over and killed early thursday morning by 22yearold christopher barrick of makombe county barrick is jailed for.

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